How Stress Effects Memory in Adults Research Proposal

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¶ … Stress effects Memory in Adults

How Stress affects Memory in Adults

Great consensus is formed on effect of stress on memory of adults. Stress is greatly associated to memory functions especially so among adults Nelson & Carver, 2008.

The brain behavior among the adult according to Nelson and Carver (2008)

is related to daily work load undertaken. Sauro, Jorgensen, and Pedlow (2003)

claim that remembering with a degree of accuracy the some events in our personal life come as a difficulty while under stress compared to remembering world events.

Definition of Stress

The best way to appreciate what stress is it to consider the original use of the word stress. In this context we look at the use of the term stress by engineers back in the 1930s. The placing of strain on a metal to the extent it breaks like a glass once it attains its stress level gives a good demonstration. Borrowing from this illustration we can thus claim stress is a result of symptoms flowing from an array sources in human life comprising of noxious events. According to Selye (1998)

, the factors that determine stress are non-specific similar to the strenuous factors that put strain on a piece of metal forcing it to break like glass.

Effects of Stress on Memory

Interaction of the strainers working on an individual will lead to enlargement of the adrenal glands which in cases of adult will cause unprecedented memory losses Nelson & Carver, 2008.

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Stress according to Sauro et al. (2003)

causes memory loss in humans through a series of unrelated stressors working on the circulation of Glucocorticoid which impair declarative memory. In the study undertaken by Kloet E.R., Joels M., and F. (2005)

it is observed that stress impair the role of memory. The argument as to whether it is short-term or chronic stress is disregarded in their study with the claim that stress reduces optimal functionality of human brains.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on How Stress Effects Memory in Adults Assignment

Chronic stress among adult has greater impact on their ability to remember as argued by Wolf et al. (2001)

. Their study observed that during stressful events, the gland secreting adrenaline "cortisol" makes its way to learning and memory centers of the brain and also the memory emotional gateway. Too much and prolonged exposure to this adrenaline glands will result to damage of memory cell and in human adult can lead to terminal condition such as Alzheimer's Wolf et al., 2001.

Alzheimer's a deep rooted condition among adult is attributed to long-term release of glucocorticoid which are stress hormones. With age there difficulties of washing away level of glucocorticoid in memory cells Wolf et al., 2001.

This leads to incapacity of adult human memory to cognitively retrieve information pertinent to their past.

Impairments on the ability to remember is a common occurrence especially so under stressful events. The argument put across by Selye (1998)

, is that there are numerous consequences of stress but key among them is ability to coordinate ones trail of thought. Under intense stress situation, an adult is even more incapacitated to link current happenings with past events. The coordination part that Selye talks about is caused by the numerous factors working on memory cell to cause stress causing them to disintegrate.

Overview of Literature

From the study reviewed it is observed that stress can cause significant memory loss especially so to adults and if the occurrence of stress causing factor is frequent or recurrent. The damage to memory - according the reviewed study - is intense on adults because of the ability of their brains system to wash out the glucocorticoid hormone that cause strained memory Wolf et al., 2001()

Taking the argument made by Selye, we can clearly ascertain that the amount of strain to be put on metal would be different from that put on light materials such as concrete or rocks. The ideal mixes of circumstances and events that can stress a rock to disintegrate like glass are different from those that lead steal to disintegrate. In the case of human being, we should appreciate the women and men are susceptible to some extraneous factors in different levels. In this regard we need to assess how far women's memory will go before it can yield to losing memory.

The study proposed herein will assess how much women memory is affected by stress how mush this is so among the adult women compared to young female. The study intends to show those factors and circumstances that will put strain on adult women leading to memory loss.

Variables of the Study

The variables to be used in the study will include the dependent variable and the independent variables

Dependent Variables

The dependent variable for this study will include

1. Ability of adult female to remember personal events

2. Ability of young female to remember personal events

The variables will be measures in two different scenarios one where extraneous circumstances causing stress on both ages of women and another one where they are both relaxed. The exercise will be undertaken under controlled circumstance to be able to accurately gather information on the occurrences and target expected result for this study. Personal information obtained from the respondents will be checked using facts gathered from the respondent's close relatives and friends.

Independent Variable

The independent variable for this study will include:

1. Controlled grounds that course stress

2. Controlled ground that eliminate stress

The above mentions variables will be set up the research to suit the study's purposes. The controlled grounds will be used to bring in or alleviate strain or stress. The stress factor in this case is a determinant of the conditions set up and how far to the edge it pushes the respondents. The controlled circumstance will be set up to increase stress and make the respondents greatly uncomfortable. To assess the contrary, stress alleviating factors such as familiar grounds and relaxing situation will be set up.


The study will be conducted as a survey for which information gathering will entail bringing the respondents in controlled environment. Prior to conducting the survey information about the respondents will be sought and a data base of the information created. Initially to reduce the cost of carrying out the research the participants will be asked to volunteer for the exercise. Upon completion of the survey the participants will be compensated for their time with allowances for the days they were involved in the survey. Compensation will be pegged on the sponsorship obtained for the survey exercise. The participants recruitment process will be based on interests of prospective participants and availability of comprehensive personal information gathered since that will form a base for the survey.

For the purposes of the study, twenty (20) respondents will be involved comprising ten (10) young female aged between 20 and 35 years and ten (10) adult female aged above 36 years. The age set chosen as the sample of young female in the survey is guided by the fact that most women in their early years have higher brain power is greater Wolf et al., 2001.

According to Wolf et al., 2001()

they are also less prone to memory loss in this early age. Comparatively Wolf et al., 2001()

argue that at an older age, women will have difficulties recalling personal information and they are more susceptible to Alzheimer's. Statistical data obtained also show that traits of forgetfulness are likely to occur at a late age in life compared to early age of years below 35 years Kloet E.R. et al., 2005()

The survey will require writing materials for tabulation of data and stress measuring equipments. The behavior of the respondents will basically be measured using through observation methods first and the equipments to measure stress level be used just before interviews.

Projected Results of the Study… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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