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¶ … body and mind of the employee is under the negative impact of the excess emotional stress. It has been observed that the stress hormones including Cortisol and Adrenaline are developed into the blood stream of the employee, under severe stress condition. The human mind reacts sharply towards the critical professional condition including upcoming deadline or troubled professional relations. Such stress hormones are particularly designed for the supply pf the quick energy to the human body, and do not go along with the human body for longer. The regular physical exercises are expected to diminish and nullify the influence and generation of such hormones. However, in cases when the employee avoid taking exercises on regular basis, it is warned that there will be unprecedented rise in the development of such hormones, which in later stage can provide out to be lethal under severe professional constraints. It is expected that the accumulation of such hormones will generate toxic effect, 'this can lead to weight gain, heart problems, headaches, heartburn and a series of other physical symptoms' (John Upson, 2007). Therefore different companies have encouraged the adoption of efficient techniques to discourage the growth of such hormones, and minimize its influence. Currently the large companies of United States have adopted techniques from 'Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Meditation, Tai Chi, and Creative Visualization' (John Upson, 2007) which is expected to address and resolve all the concerns which are associated with the employees working under extreme stress condition and hectic schedule. It has been agreed over that employees are of valuable resource for the company, and people are regarded as 'the single most important asset any business has, and is the largest investment a company can make' (John Upson, 2007). Many companies of Britain and American origin has invested sufficient amount of funds towards the maintenance of the employees, it is common and agreeable approach that the multinational companies should not only invest sufficient amount of funds towards equipments, and the maintenance of those equipments to 'ensure trouble free productive service' (John Upson, 2007), and the importance of the employees and their mental health should not be ignored. It is important to understand that the companies in particular those which are operational within United States are under legal compulsion o ensure that their employees are protected from any mental torture or mental stress. The government has implemented legalization with reference to the provisions from the avoidance of any mental pressure or stress on the employee through 'duty of care', the legalization has been approved under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the purpose of the overall exercise was to 'ensure people are not made ill by their jobs' (John Upson, 2007). Under this act proposed, adopted and implemented by the Health and Safety Executive, the act is applicable on all stress related illness cases experienced by the local employee during his professional association with any approved company. According to the reports, 'the employers also have a responsibility under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 to assess risk to staff health and take reasonable steps to prevent harm, the Health Safety Executive has stipulated this covers stress. Through unofficial estimates, the prevailing and continuous stress cost more than seven million working days to the British economy, whereas the loss is more threatening for the companies established in United States.


Barclays is the prominent name among the banking giants of the United Kingdom, it is also considered to be among the prestigious banks in the world. Unfortunately, in past years several cases of mental sickness have been reported within the organization. It is indeed easy to reach the leading mark, but it is always difficult to maintain yourself at the peak for longer duration, similarly Barclays experienced the same situation, and the threat of recession forced the bank's top management to pressurize the middle and low level employees to work effectively and efficiently to overcome the shortcomings so that the company can maintain its level of superiority. The company observed that due to the intense work schedule and the work load over the employees, the employees complained of serious mental and physical constraints, there were repeated complains of irritability, headaches, illness, insomnia, and lethargy. The bank management observed an interesting phenomenon, during the period when the employees are occupied with large mount of work load, and were under extreme pressure, the bank had to spend more towards the health and medical expenses, which was far more than the average spending towards the medical expenses of the employees. The company therefore introduced such policies which were executed to counter the negative fall out of the tense and crucial environment offered to the employees, of course the bank on its part was also bound to put the employees under such constrains and severe condition due to the rapid changes in the world economy, and the increasing number of opportunities that were available, and the market expectations which the bank had to fulfilled. The company received repeated complains of mental stress, and such complains were forwarded by different employees, and few factors were extremely identical and common in heir cases, firstly all hose who ever under mental anxiety and stress worked endlessly without tiring, and reflected partial feelings and emotions, all such cases were observed in those who have increased their intake quantity of caffeine and the use of tobacco. The Barclays therefore adopted a method of change that worked long-term, it availed the services of different programs which were introduced in the market, and the objective of which was to teach and make the employees adopt the techniques which can promote 'stress management and general well being for employees' (John Upson, 2007). Such technique was able to minimize and dilute the concentration of he stress and tense behavior reflected by the employees, therefore the program itself was a 'revolutionary approach to combat stress and increase productivity'. Through such measures the company was able to secure its success, and was able to maintain its standings. It was observed that the revolutionary processes adopted by the Barclays was in it itself exemplary, employees appreciated such scheme, and 'individuals begin to feel the immediate effects', it was observed that the personal willingness, interest and enthusiasm of the employees towards their professional commitment was positive. It was observed that the preventive measures taken by the company was responsible for the increasing cooperation and coordination between the employers and employees, and there was visible force of team spirit which rekindled due to the reforms introduced by the company to overcome the mental illness and stress problems (Smith, 2002).


Vodafone is considered to be major telecommunication giant of Europe; the company has expended its services internationally, and is considered to be reputed. The ongoing competition within the field of telecommunication brought the employees of the company under serious threat to either perform well, else face termination of services, therefore the employees were under mental anxiety and worked accordingly, this resulted in greater failure for the company which was not able to achieve the targeted results even after revision. The company realized that its failure was attributed with the collapse of its supply chain system, further investigation revealed that the failure of the supply chain system was associated with the flaws and irregularities reported within the system, it was observed that the poor implementation of the entire system was responsible for he debacle, therefore the company took the counter measures to subdue the impact of the system, it was also observed that the lack of support and lack of coordination between the upper and lower category employees was also responsible for the failure, the failure resulted in the overall deterioration of the performance previously marked and achieved by the employees, the employees complained of mental trauma which they experienced under the might of individual authority, whose actions deferred from the manifesto of the company. In some of the cases the mental stress was associated with the bullying and racial, sexual harassment from the employers. The stress and concerns were also built once the subordinates performed miserably, and the company suffered a major jolt, which shook up the entire team of he company. The company also observed increasing stress and mental illness associated with the proactive roles of the particular diversified unions within the system, and minor incidents of racial discrimination were reported, therefore the tensions prevailed because of the incorporation of the diversity within the workforce. The prevailing tense work environment, and the mental trauma experienced by the employees, when such employees were placed in extreme conditions without any assistance and resources has been responsible for the failure of the supply chain management system of the company. 'The globalization and competitive pressures for shorter product cycles, supply chain members felt the stresses of role conflict and role ambiguity from different sources' (John Upson, 2007), including the pressure to behave and respond in manner which was based on the need for the thinking… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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