Stress Management -- Body Scan Thesis

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Generally, I have found that it is possible to use these techniques to reverse my physiological reaction to external stressors.

Response to the Scan

My principal response to the body scan was surprise at the realization of how much my reaction to stress is expressed in my body and how much my conscious attempts to change some of those natural responses can help me reverse that stress response. In particular, I discovered that controlling my breathing is the single most important factor and that it allows me to control the other physiological responses as well.

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I learned that the stress management techniques that are most helpful to me are those that pertain to advance visualization and situational preparedness. In general, the more familiar I am with what to expect, the less stressful the situation is for me. Therefore, I can minimize my stress level by researching situations to ascertain as much information as possible before I experience them. Similarly, I have discovered that time management is equally important for managing stress. When I am rushed, my stress level always increases, regardless of other factors. Therefore, my approach to stress management is to obtain as much information (such as driving or walking directions, applicable rules, and the type of physical layout involved) as possible. I also make sure to leave as much of a time cushion as possible so that even an unanticipated delay cannot trigger my stress response. In combination, those techniques, together with prior visualization of unfamiliar situations helps me reduce my stress response substantially, even in circumstances that ordinarily provoke my physiological…
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