Stress for Police Term Paper

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They're just pulling people off the street. It's an unlawful imprisonment and they're being kidnapped (Glass, 2010)." They would lock these people up and if there warrants cleared then they would release them a couple hours later. Thus many officers are finding sources of stress from the administration aspects of their organizations as well.

Officer Counseling

Many police officers are often unwilling to find counseling services or any other avenues for help in dealing with their issues. One of the most pressing concerns is often confidentiality. Officers are scared to revel anything that could be used against them such as a mistake they made in the line of duty. The perception is that if an officers opens up to a counselor then all or part of what they say could be used against them in some way at some later date. However, there are strict laws that govern the confidentiality that are present in counseling sessions that many officers are not aware of.

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In one case in Illinois, JAFFEE v. REDMOND, although the court initially ruled that since the person counseling Officer Redmond was not a licensed psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, that the counselor had to turn over her notes to a court case. However, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed the lower court ruling, citing that the lower court judge's instructions to the jury were incorrect (Anderson, N.d.). Thus, even counselors do not have a psychiatric background can hold information as strictly confidential in a court of law. Therefore, officers can rest assured that the information in which they give to a counselor will be held with strict confidentiality in place.

Term Paper on Stress for Police Assignment

Other barriers that must be overcome include the stigma that is associated with receiving counseling. Counseling-and-psychotherapy-have-been-described-as?"potentially difficult, embarrassing, and overall risky enterprise[s . . . that induce] fear and avoidance in some individual; consistent with this statement, less than one third of individuals who experience psychological distress seek help from a mental health professional (Vogel, Wester, & Larson, 2007). This may be because the public in general tends to provide negative descriptions of individuals who experience mental illness and having a history of having sought outpatient mental health services can lead others to have more negative perceptions of the individual which can include being labeled more awkward, cold, defensive, dependent, insecure, sad, and unsociable (Vogel, Wester, & Larson, 2007).


Combating stress in the police force is a dynamic problem that must be addressed in a comprehensive manner to mitigate its effects. Not only is the external environment hostile at times, police officers are finding new sources of stress from internal administration efforts. Many officers that are burdened with stress fail to find any help to alleviate their symptoms. There are a range of cultural barriers that inhibit this as an acceptable avenue for officers to use. These barriers must be broken down with persistent education and support from the leaders in the relative departments.

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