Stricter Gun Control Laws Term Paper

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The opposition however, is backed by the multibillion dollar enterprise of gun manufacturers who promote slogans such as: "Guns Don't Pull Their Own Triggers" and "Ted Kennedy's Car Has Killed More People Than My Gun."

Statistically 13 children die each and every day in America from gun violence. In family members of gun owners have a 22 times higher incidence of being harmed by that gun then being harmed by a possible intruder's gun.

For one to answer the question of the danger of guns in the hands of the general public one only has to look at the headlines (Cannon PG).

On Oct. 1, 1997, a teenaged killer in Pearl, Miss., was captured by Assistant Principal Joel Myrick, who by chance had his.45-caliber pistol in his car. The following April, a 14-year-old in Edinboro, Pa., killed a science teacher and wounded several students at a school dance, but was held by James Strand, the owner of the hall, who subdued the youth at the point of a shotgun (Cannon PG)."

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Stricter Gun Control Laws. The Assignment

It is time to re-evaluate the laws about gun purchase, and ownership in this country. The constitution does talk about the right to bear arms but it was meant in the light of the nation arming itself against attack from other nations. Nowhere in the constitution does it mention individuals owning guns for the purpose of shooting others. Guns will never be completely eradicated, however the time has come to be tougher on who can purchase them and what they must do as owners (Senate PG). Trigger lock programs, gun safety education and extremely strict background checks are all things that need to be implemented and enforced daily when it comes to firearms in America. The gun owners who end up with accidental shootings in their home or family should face long prison terms with no possibility of early release. If gun control laws get stricter and are enforced with more consistency gun owners will become more responsible in their "right to bear arms." In addition any crime that is committed with the use of a loaded gun should carry a mandatory life sentence.

If these measures are strictly adhered to, the nation will see a decrease in gun violence.

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Byline: Carl M. Cannon



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