Strike in Space Essay

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¶ … space case such an interesting and compelling example of organizational behavior is that the odd conditions of weightlessness, and all that anti-gravity entails, place tremendous strains on the team that would not be typically experienced in the workplace environment. For example, during Skylab 1 the astronauts' working conditions led to irritability among the team. The group managed to accomplish its goals but "the first crew never had a chance to settle in and experience life in space in a routine way," (p. 4). They had "rigid timetables" imposed on them from NASA management outside of the space capsule (p. 2). Therefore, NASA ran the Skylab experiments as a combination of a chain network and a wheel network. As a chain network, NASA ensured that teamwork was essentially sabotaged. The command line was hierarchical, as the members of the Skylab did not even know their conversations were being monitored. Their schedules were pre-ordained. As a wheel network, NASA remained solidly in the center and prohibited communication between its respective spokes. This is why the Skylab 3 members developed disjointed communication on board; they had never learned to work together as a team.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Strike in Space Assignment

The Skylab 2 crew boasted "a number of close personal connections" that facilitated rapport (p. 4). Skylab 2 was therefore a type of circle network even within the hierarchical organizational structure of NASA. Like the first Skylab, the second crew dealt with intense stressors such as rigid working schedules and conditions. "The astronauts were selected by and large for their extraordinary military discipline and obedience and not for their capacity for creative, independent judgment," (p. 5). This underscores the type of hierarchical organizational structure that NASA relied upon. On the ground, NASA managers controlled the schedules of individuals who responded with "extraordinary military discipline and obedience." There was little room for independent thought, critical thinking, or collaborative decision-making. Likewise, NASA emphasized quantitative measures over the qualitative input of the astronauts. On the Skylab 1 and 2, the astronauts themselves operated as a circle… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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