Striped Bass Morone Saxatilis Research Paper

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The continually popular striped bass are fished both along the mid-Atlantic coast and in the Virginia waters of Chesapeake Bay. Approximately $18 million of hybrid striped bass are grown in outdoor ponds in California and the Southeast alone. In 1998, 16.3 million striped bass (estimated) were caught by recreational anglers. Of these, 92% of these were released alive (Gary Shepherd).

As with many other fish, striped bass have faced human-related challenges to their populations. The wild striped bass was once so highly prized that it was almost fished to extinction during the late 1970s. The states of Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and Maine subsequently set strict limits on how striped bass are caught, minimum fish size and the number of striped bass that can be caught per season. Limits on the length of fish caught range from 12 to 18 inches, and are enforced by all Mid-Atlantic states. New York, Connecticut and New Jersey have closed seasons. Striped bass stocks off the Atlantic coast have been reported to be at a new low.

Striped bass contain several unique subpopulations. Discrete populations of striped bass are present in the Hudson River, and Chesapeake Bay waters may contain four populations of striped bass during the over-wintering period. The St. Lawrence River population is now seriously depleted. The St. Lawrence River population was considered distinct (J. Banck).

In conclusion, striped bass is a versatile and popular seafood. It is one of the most highly prized seafoods in the United States, and contains several distinct populations.

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