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He saw prisoners tortured, shot and worked to death by the thousands, their money and property stolen and their lives ended suddenly and with maximum brutality. In April 1939, a typhus epidemic in Buchenwald that spread to the Germans in the surrounding districts led Hitler to issue an order that all Jews who had visas to leave the country would be released from the camps. Bettleheim noted the irony of inmates who "began thinking of their tormentor as their savior," but he was fortunate to escape to America before Hitler issued his Final Solution order (Pollak, p. 89). Once he and his family escaped, of course, he did everything possible to warn the Allied nations of the true situation in Germany and what was really happening in the camps.

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Most people in history did not even regard death as an evil but as a passport into the afterlife, which they hoped would be better. This was particularly true in those times when only 5% of the population lived to age sixty and the majority died in childhood. In that situation, humanity had lower expectations and a more stoic attitude about suffering and death, as in the case in poor countries today. Perhaps science will advance in the future to the point where poverty, suffering, disease and death will become extinct on earth, and humans in the centuries ahead will move out into space and encounter other advanced civilizations. No one can know this with any certainty, but it may very well be possible, at least to the degree that it would be better to take a gamble on the future being an improvement on the present. Given that this possibility exists, then it will not do to simply take a blase attitude toward death and ultimate extinction -- insofar as these ideas are something more than cynical philosophical poses.


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