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The main difference between this method and others is that it allows each student to provide constructive input while also receiving a valuable learning experience.

For all these proven reasons, the author made the assumption that the method would be beneficial in elementary classrooms as well. The implication of Bancroft's work for elementary classrooms indicates that ways to implement cooperative learning should be investigated.

Such an investigation was also launched by Williams (2009). This study has found a conclusive correlation between collaborative learning and elementary school learner achievement. Like Bancroft, Williams found several advantages that are related to collaborative learning, such as increased student engagement and more pro-school attitudes. Williams further found factors that improved student achievement to be students being introduced to ideas beyond those in their own minds, the development of critical skills, and new approaches to problem solving.

Research Design

The intended research design is quantitative. At least three schools of varying sizes will be the focus of the study. The principals of these schools will be approached for permission to conduct the study at each respective school. Teachers will be approached for information about their preferred techniques in the classroom. Factors like school size, interpersonal relationships, and classroom techniques will be considered for their influence on student achievement.

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During the first meeting, all parties involved will receive full information about the nature and reasons for the study. They will be free to ask questions regarding the study, its purpose, and its merit.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Data will be collected from the schools mentioned above, after obtaining the necessary permissions to do so and after providing disclaimers. Numerical data will be collected from school records that indicate student results. Other data will include the number of students per school and per classroom.

Essay on Student Achievement Assignment

Non-numerical data will be collected by means of interviewing teachers and principals. Teachers will be interviewed to determine which techniques they use in the classroom. Teachers and principals will be interviewed to determine their perceptions about school goals and how they interact with each other to achieve such goals.

Data will be analyzed by correlating the variables under investigation. Classroom techniques, educator relationships, school goals, and student-teacher relationships will be correlated with school size, classroom size and student achievement.

Conclusions will be drawn in terms of the most positive and most negative effects on student achievement at the elementary level in terms of the mentioned variables.


Elementary school achievement is of particular importance because it prepares young people for their future in schooling and also as adults. A sound basis of elementary education will ensure the necessary abilities and equipment to ensure future success in learning. By performing well in school, learners are also likely to perform better at higher levels of education and in the workplace.

Factors that potentially influence student performance at elementary school, which can be controlled within the school environment, include teacher perceptions regarding school goals, school size, teacher qualifications, and classroom techniques such as collaborative learning.

By conducting this study, the researcher will determine which of the mentioned factor has the most positive effect on the performance of students. The results can then offer valuable insight not only in terms of the current study and its purpose, but also in terms of future investigations.

Future researchers might, for example, investigate influencing factors outside of the school environment in order to determine their influence on overall student achievement. As such, the study provides not only important material for consideration by policymakers and educators, but also for future researchers in a variety of fields.


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