Student Philosophy of Behavior Essay

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Strategy 3 -- Issue repeated verbal warnings to Jackson about the proper way to speak to people, which includes disseminating words like 'please' and 'thank you' and eliminates phrases such as shut up.

Strategy 4 -- Provide a surplus of preemptive reminders with Jackson throughout the day to be cordial to others and to speak to them as he would want to be spoken to.

Strategy 5 -- Meet with Jackson's parents and impress upon him the lack of tolerance for his rude behavior; impress upon them to implement the same reminders and warnings at home.

When and Where The Plan Will Be Implemented

This plan will be primarily implemented in Jackson's educational setting. However, it is just as vital that the strategies are also implemented in a domestic setting to get him acclimated to this new behavior mode. Doing so is predicated on getting Jackson tested. Educators should allot approximately three weeks to get Jackson to meet the target behavior.

Next Steps: Discuss the next steps. What happens if the plan is successful? What happens if it is not successful?

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If the plan is successful, it will be necessary to move on to attempt to reduce the instances of the Jackson's other antisocial behavior related to screaming and throwing objects. If the plan is not successful, Jackson's parents should attempt to look into alternatives to attempt to stymie this antisocial behavior which can plague people throughout their adult lives (Santhan, 2014, p. 29) such as therapy and, for a time, anyways, home schooling. The chief way of determining the success or lack thereof of the plan is by gathering quantifiable data. Ideally, instructors should gather data for the number of warnings, preventive reminders, and instances in which Jackson tells people to shut up. It would help if his parents could do the same at home. Again, it would only be necessary to do so for three weeks. For a week afterwards, this data should also be collected to provide a point of comparison. Meetings should be held with Jackson, his parents, and an assessment professional, as well as between Jackson, his parents, and the educator.

TOPIC: Essay on Student Philosophy of Behavior it Assignment

It might also be useful to provide a system of rewards and punishments to assist Jackson. Rewards could include access to books or the provisioning of new books about cars for entire days in which he does not tell people to shut. Punishments could include timeouts for a finite period of time in which he ceases all activity -- including that which he would prefer. After the end of the intervention it will be important for the educator and Jackson's parents to compare the results of their data collection to determine its efficacy. It would be best to discuss the findings in a collective setting which requires another meeting.


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