Student Services Thesis

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Edison Community College

Looking at the student services of Edison Community College, from a historical perspective, which services if any have most recently been implemented or increased? Why?

The introduction of e-learning into the curriculum is one of the most remarkable innovations to occur at Edison Community College and at community colleges across the nation. Through the Internet, individuals with the typical busy schedule of so many community college students are able to meet their course requirements while studying at home. The use of the Internet itself in offering ways to apply to the school, to find out information about the school, and to gain a sense of the school's services makes it easier for a more diverse range of students to learn about Edison, and to become a part of the school community. Disability services, academic and needs-based scholarships, single parent assistance, child care facilities, Outward Bound, and tutoring services are all relatively recent innovations that make it easier for nontraditional students to more fully participate in the learning opportunities at Edison ("Current students," 2008, Edison Community College). This has also created a more diverse student body.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on Student Services Assignment

The opening of two new campuses in 1990 and 1992, the Charlotte County Campus and the Collier County Campus along with the Kenneth P. Walker Health Science Hall on the Lee County Campus enabled students from a more diverse geographic expanse to attend the school as well as provided new educational opportunities. Edison has also expanded its academic offerings so that students can complete B.A. degrees over the course of four years at the community college, as well as through partnerships with other colleges and universities ("History of Edison Community College," 2008, Edison Community College) final significant innovation has been Project HOPE, an early intervention program for middle-school students identified as "at-risk." In exchange for staying in school and being law-abiding citizens, Project HOPE students are promised a two-year scholarship to Edison. To help them achieve this goal, Edison offers them tutoring and mentoring programs during the summer and after school.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Student Services Thesis

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