Students in the Project Case Study

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¶ … students in the case study project have been singled out based on their performance on the FCAT. They were in the bottom 25% of achievers on that test, and 13% have other issues, such as English as a second language and/or Special Education issues. In addition, the FCAT itself has been the subject of much controversy because many people think that students today are not actually learning, but instead only being taught to know what they need for the test. Other individuals feel as though the FCAT is a vital measure of how much a student is actually learning, and therefore it is extremely important. Regardless of where an individual stands on the issue of whether the test is important, however, it is required for students in Florida schools and therefore it must be addressed.

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The grade level of the students in the case study was 5th grade, for the most part, with a few of the students attending the 6th grade when they were tested. None of the students were held back, and they are all now in the next grade above the one that they were tested in. However, this does not necessarily mean that all of the students are performing at the grade level they should be for their age or the grade that they have actually been placed in. Most of the problems that these students are encountering have come from the fact that they cannot read as well as they should be able to. With some of these individuals, it is because English is a second language for them or they have developmental disabilities. With other students, there is no specific reason from a developmental standpoint for their lower test scores - these students simply do not read well.

Case Study on Students in the Case Study Project Have Assignment

For example, out of the forty-eight students that took the FCAT and that are included in this case study, six of them scored a level three on the test. All of the other students scored a level one or a level two, showing that they clearly were not keeping up with their peers, at least on the FCAT test. The reading level of these students did not appear to be high enough to allow the students to know what they were actually reading for the test. Those that could read what they were expected to read had trouble understanding and deciphering the information, which not only contributed to their lower scores but also slowed them down and kept them from answering the questions as quickly as other students might have done. This in turn can stop these students from completing their tasks.

While none of the students were retained and they all were able to move on to the next grade level, many of them still receive other services. Some of them are learning English as a second language, and others struggle with mental impairments from mild to moderate. The interventions that these students receive are helping them to progress in their schooling, but unfortunately they are not helping enough to keep the students in line with their peers and to allow them to excel. These low expectations clearly indicate that either teachers at the work site have largely given up on the idea that these students can be taught and will ever make something of themselves, or they have reached the point where they no longer care whether these students succeed.

This certainly may not be true for all of the teachers at the school, but if it is true for even one of them than the students that work with that teacher are not getting the educational experience that all children deserve. Those that work in schools where there are many high achievers may not see this problem as being realistic. In other words, they may assume that it is not as bad as it is being made out to be and only a few of the students and teachers are actually having any kind of problems. This would be nice if it were accurate, but there is a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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