Students With Disabilities in Higher Education Support Office Grant Writing

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Students With Disabilities in Higher Education

Student with Disabilities in Higher Education

Organizational Experience

The experience that the university is bringing to the organization is through constantly working with a wide variety of individuals who have are being affected by a host of disabilities. As, we have worked with young adults, who are constantly being impacted by their conditions. A few of the most notable include: autism, mental illness, emotional disorders, epilepsy, seizures, physical disabilities and quadriplegia. This is significant, because it is showing tremendous amount of experience of the university in addressing the issues (that are unique to this demographic of the population). Over the course of time, this will help us to develop various programs that can deal with the specific needs of these individuals who are suffering from these conditions.

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As far as myself is concerned, I worked with young adults who are suffering from: physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. This has given me the experience in addressing their unique needs. While at the same time, I was able to provide support and encouragement by pushing everyone to do more to help themselves. This has allowed many individuals who are affected by a variety of conditions to: begin living productive and independent lives. Over the course of time, this has been having a positive impact on the community by providing these people with the ability to support themselves. Once this takes place, they will become more productive and self sufficient. This is because of: my experience, skills, techniques and the ability to reach out to these individuals are helping to inspire them to do something more with their lives (despite the mental or physical disability that they may be suffering from). This is significant, because it is illustrating how: myself and the university have similar goals when it comes to addressing these issues. While implementing, positive long-term changes in the lives of these people.

TOPIC: Grant Writing on Students With Disabilities in Higher Education Support Office Assignment

The strategy that we will be using is to help improve the kinds of services that are being provided to establish an office. They will form various alliances and coordinate with other organizations throughout the region. Our plan will involve having myself, serving as the supervisor. I will help to establish a protocol that will address the unique needs facing this demographic of the student body. At which point, we will have a student coordinator that will work at achieving these objectives for this segment. This is accomplished by: having them work with the community, local high schools / colleges and support groups throughout the region.

The basic idea with this program is to provide a unique solution for addressing the needs of this demographic of the population. This is ensuring that a total comprehensive protocol is introduced. As, we are providing answers, that will deal with these issues based upon pooling a wide variety of resources together. This will be accomplished by taking a holistic approach through: working with these groups and various individuals in the community (i.e. doctors, nurses, government officials, psychiatrists as well as volunteers).

This is significant, because if this kind of approach can be taken it will help to address the needs of these individuals by effectively pooling different resources together. This will reduce the costs associated with providing these services. While at the same time, it will allow this demographic within the community. To receive, those services that will address issues that is unique for each individual. Once this takes place, we will be able to provide a total comprehensive solution for addressing these various challenges. This is the point that we can begin offering a comprehensive program for young adults who are suffering from a number of disabilities.

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