Students, Especially Those in Colleges Term Paper

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Plagiarism remains a crime and an offence for which action can be taken (Neville, 2009).

Common Knowledge:

We have yet no clear distinction of what will be included under common knowledge but it is still essential to have some idea of the concept. Some sources suggest that facts and figures, recent events, incidences which are part of the history, famous personalities, locations, etc. are all part of common knowledge. Some sources also include folklore and quotes as part of common knowledge. No one has yet defined what common knowledge really is. It may be restricted to what is known by students within a particular class or it may go beyond that. Some ways of identifying common knowledge are if they can be quantitatively shown, if they can be derived from a number of sources or if it has a source that can be found generally.


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Term Paper on Students, Especially Those in Colleges Assignment

How to avoid plagiarism? (2008) Retrieved from plagiarism prevention for students.…
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