Research Paper: Studied Is the Residents of the Geriatric

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¶ … studied is the residents of the geriatric facility (1161). The sampling frame is whether the patient fell in the previous year or not. The unit of analysis is individuals. The type of sample is random. This strategy is sound for this type of study. The population is divided into two groups, one being a control group. This will allow the researcher to test for the different medical factors, and see the differences between the two sets. For studies like this, randomization is the key to the study being free from bias. When the study is fully randomized, then it can be said to be free from bias. Additionally, this study makes note that its population is just the residents of this particular home. If the study was about all elderly people, then choosing only the ones from this home would not be randomized, and the results would be subject to more bias. However, for this study, the method of sampling is good.

b. The population is the rental housing stock of the city. The sample frame in this study is the different ages of the buildings. The study will result in vacancy rates for each age category of building, and then an overall vacancy rate. The unit of analysis is one apartment, as they are measuring whether that apartment is vacant or not. The type of sample is stratified. The stratification allows the researchers to determine vacancy rate for different types of buildings. However, blocks within each planning area are chosen at random. There is no indication of whether the adding and subtracting of blocks is done at random as well. This means that the sampling is not necessarily a true random study. For the purposes of estimating the vacancy rate, this study method is acceptable, since vacancy itself is randomized. However, if only the blocks are randomized and the buildings are… [END OF PREVIEW]

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