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The drug courts have implemented compulsory minimum jail terms for repeat and chronic drug offenders and for firearm crimes as well as career criminal and revised three-strikes sentencing laws (Reamer, 2005).

Chronic drug abusers/addicts frequently suffer from dire mental disorders. Some of the familiar calamitous mental illnesses associated with persistent drug misuse include schizophrenia, bipolar disorders; attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorders, neurotic-compulsive disorders, post-trauma stress disorders, panic disorders, manic depression and antisocial personality disorders (Bennett & Holloway, 2005).

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Different states and countries have introduced numerous measures in order to solve the drug and substance abuse crisis. States such as New York have relaxed their drug laws with the aim of allowing the judges to send the abusers to treatment centers, rather than to prisons (Schuckit, 2006). Texas on the other hand has identified that the only way to help the chronic drug addicts who have found themselves chronically homeless and are stuck in the cycle of going to prison and drug possession, then back to substance abuse and being homeless, is by providing the addicts with homes and enabling them to access treatment rather than putting them behind bars. Other states and countries such as Australia, where almost 80% of inmates are incarcerated in prisons as a result of drug predicaments have established community-based drug treatment centers that offer rehabilitation services to addicts who have served time due to drug (Reamer, 2005).

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The community from which the offenders of crimes that are linked to drugs come from should be sensitized in order to enable the abusers who have been through rehabilitation integrate successfully into the community without discrimination as acceptance by the community plays a big role in ensuring that the offenders do not relapse into the crime (Miron, 2004). It has been proved that community reentry for offenders is a challenging period. The fact that they have a criminal record makes it difficult for them to get a job therefore making them return to the same environment they were from and also relapse into drug abuse.

The judges should hold regular status hearing for high risk partakers and should be trained on the best practices on judicial demeanor and successful communication with the participants. The courts on the other hand should expand partaker eligibility so as to include both persons with mental problems and those with histories of violent crimes (Mears, 2010). The programs should include drug treatment and regular drug tests administration carried out more than once a week during the first phase of the program.


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