Substance Abuse During Pregnancy Term Paper

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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Using and abusing substances during pregnancy can have serious consequences for the mother and the developing fetus (Hoffman, 2011; Pregnancy, 2013). Unfortunately, that realization does not always stop pregnant women from getting involved with drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other behaviors that can harm the child who is growing in their womb. With a better understanding of the issues, pregnant women can be taught healthier habits and can take better care of their children, even before those children are born (Soby, 2006). The implications of Substance Abuse as well as how to get help for the issue both must be addressed, however, before these women will come to terms with the serious risks at which they are putting their unborn children.

Pathophysiology and Psychosocial Implications

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Substance abuse can mean many things, but it most commonly refers to illegal drugs and alcohol (Soby, 2006). Smoking is also a problem for pregnant women, because it is very damaging to the fetus (Pregnancy, 2013). When a pregnant woman smokes, drinks, or uses illegal (or legal) drugs of any kind, they work their way into her body and blood stream (Soby, 2006). From that point they are able to cross over to the fetus via the umbilical cord and the placenta (Hoffmann, 2011). This is a very important ability when it comes to food and other nourishment, but it can be highly dangerous where other substances are concerned. Since it is not possible to only provide some of the substances ingested by the mother to the fetus, the mother must be very careful what she puts into her body (Hoffmann, 2011). That is why drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs (whether legal or illegal) is so dangerous for a mother to consider. Stopping these kinds of behaviors, however, is not always easy, and women can need help to stay clean and sober during their pregnancy.

Typical Labs, X-Rays, or Other Diagnostic Studies

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The most common way to determine whether a pregnant woman is using or abusing substances is through lab testing of her blood (Hoffman, 2011). X-rays will not provide information about what a woman has ingested, but a blood test will detect smoking, drinking alcohol (recently), and drug use (Soby, 2006). Of course, that is also depending on the type of drug she has used, the quantity of it, and the amount used (Soby, 2006). Blood tests are common during pregnancy anyway, because they test for issues such as gestational diabetes and other health problems (Soby, 2006). When these tests are being done, they can also be used to locate expectant mothers who have issues with substance abuse. From that point, these women can receive help and counseling that will allow them to break their addiction, thereby giving their unborn children a much better chance of being healthy. While not all women will be responsive to interventions of this kind, many women will be willing to at least make an attempt at staying clean for the duration of their pregnancy,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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