Substance Abuse Patterns of NCAA Student-Athletes Article Critique

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¶ … substance abuse patterns of NCAA student-athletes" for a wide range of substances both legal and illegal (p. 51 Abstract). The abstract is broken into sections for objective, design, participants, main outcome measures, results and conclusion. This format is easy to follow and allows the reader to understand immediately all of the important information about the study.

The introduction itself (p.51) provides a clear outline of the issue, providing valuable background and contextual information. The introduction is well-written. The study is given ample justification, e.g. "This information is potentially helpful in designing educational and drug-testing programs for college-age athletes." The purpose of the study is outlined clearly. The study does not make clear the variables that will be involved; the study is framed more as a survey. The authors note that the survey will allow for statistical breakdown of the data by teams, NCAA division and by racial/ethnic group.

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The paper lacks a literature review. There is a brief mention in the Subjects and Methods section (p.52) that the NCAA has conducted previous similar studies. The findings of these studies are not discussed. Instead, the authors raise the subject of these studies because those studies provided the framework for the current study. Given that there is no literature review, it is a fair assessment than this is not sufficient. A high-level research paper should feature a literature review that demonstrates that the researchers have a mastery of the subject material. A literature review will also help to guide the research so that it contributes to the body of literature (Hart, 1999). Without the literature review, this study is in a vacuum with respect to the subject, in danger of simply duplicating the NCAA studies while contributing nothing meaningful or insightful to the academic discourse.

TOPIC: Article Critique on Substance Abuse Patterns of NCAA Student-Athletes for Assignment

There is a brief reference list at the end of the article, outlining eight sources that were cited at various points. This is insufficient for an academic research paper. The literature review should provide information that directly discusses the subject of the paper. The sources should build a case for the current study, and should direct the authors to the research question. Without a literature review, it is difficult to determine how the authors derived the research question. In addition, the sources in the literature review should work together to provide the context for the study. Without such background from academic sources, the reader is left to take the authors at their word that the study is important and makes a valuable contribution.

The authors do provide ample discussion of the methodology and sampling under the "Subjects and Methods" section (p. 52). The sampling plan is outlined, and the authors note that it was based on the prior NCAA studies.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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