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This is a relatively new phenomenon that has arisen in the modern society, especially in the United States.

In the planned mentoring programs, mentors are selected from religious, corporate, or neighborhood communities by seeking volunteers. These mentors are then matched to the mentees through interviews, personal profiles, comprative interests, or getting acquainted sessions. The need for such 'planned' mentoring programs have arisen due to the changing family structures. In the traditional families such mentoring or 'role-modeling' for the youth is provided by the parents. With the increasing number of single-parent families or broken families, the need for 'natural' mentoring is fulfilled by these planned mentoring programs.

Not everyone can be a good mentor. This is because a good mentor, just like a good coach or a good teacher, needs to have certain qualities. Some of these characteristics are in-built in an individual, but this does not mean that one cannot develop or enhance these qualities if there is a genuine desire to help others and there is an awareness about what makes a good mentor. It is generally accepted that a good mentor should be a good and 'active' listener, he should be able to build trust and keep confidences. He should be able to inspire through personal example and encourage others to follow suit. Most of all, a good mentor provides corrective feed back to a mentee and is a generous person.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Substitute for Experience and the Assignment

Mentoring has always been a process through which the older generation has passed on its experiences, skills, and values to a younger generation so that they can avoid the pitfalls in life. Until recently almost all mentoring was 'natural' -- based on the desire of the mentors to contribute and the mentees to learn. Nowadays, it is not always possible to find natural mentors due to changing patterns of the modern society; hence the need for planned mentoring. There is little doubt, however, that mentoring can and does play a useful role in guidance of the youth and in bringing out the best in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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