Succeeding in Marketing a Travel Company Research Paper

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Top Travel is a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, that aims to fulfill the needs of travelers across the country and that customizes their journeys depending on their interests. The company is designed to provide people with a great deal of travel options, ranging from having full power of decision over the things they do when they travel to being presented with an itinerary and guides that take care of them throughout the trip. In contrast to most travel companies, ours is different as a consequence of the market it concentrates on: people over the age of 60. Our customization services are actually purposed to fit the needs of people who want someone to make sure everything they want is easily accessible.

The fact that TopTravel has been around for almost three decades now means that employees have become accustomed to following trends and to identifying any sort of situation that might interfere with our interest in providing excellent services. With the contemporary society suffering a great deal as a regard of global warming and pollution, we too address the significance of taking on environmental attitudes. This means that all the suppliers we collaborate with are carefully selected so as for our actions to have little to no negative effects on the environment.

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Politics also represents an important factor when discussing with regard to the travel industry. Recent events across the world have significantly shaped the way that the company works in certain places. The Syrian refugee situation has played an important role in changing the market's opinion concerning some areas across Europe. While Turkey was previously a best seller, things have changed as people no longer trust that the company is going to be able to keep them safe. Similarly, the Paris attacks in November 2015 resulted in a great deal of customers cancelling holidays in France and Belgium. While the company can identify potential risks in some cases, it is difficult and almost impossible to do so in others.

Research Paper on Succeeding in Marketing a Travel Company Assignment

When considering sociological factors, we intend to reassure our customers and society in general concerning the way that we promote our services. We only work with suppliers who have a keen interest in not interfering in any way with cultures that customers interact with. Our tours to Tibet in the heart of especially religious communities occur with little to no contact with individuals who are reluctant to be perceived as a commercial concept. Guides thus instruct customers with regard to activities that are permitted and activities that should not happen in certain areas. This means that customers are well-acquainted with practices that they should engage in and refrain from disturbing communities that need to be protected.

An intriguing aspect of our services is that they are designed in ways that ensure that customers and cultures they interact with get the best they can possibly get. Our tours to Tenerife, the Canary Islands, previously promoted a visit to the local water park -- Loro Parque Zoo. However, upon discovering that there was a scandal regarding the park's employees putting across cruel behaviors toward killer whales part of their show, we immediately removed this visit from the Tenerife tour and actually informed our customer database with regard to the risks associated with supporting entities that have no interest in providing fair living conditions for animals or people they employ. The case of Morgan, one of the attractions at the park, stands as the best example of a killer whale being treated with cruelty. "None of the holiday families know that this captive creature -- performing as loudspeakers pump out Gloria Gaynor's hit song I Will Survive -- was born free in the ocean." (Hill)

Although some might be inclined to ignore the technological aspect when considering markets over the age of 60, we are actually actively involved in using new technologies in order to facilitate the best service available. The company has a special range of tours that are designed for customers willing to pay more for their experiences. In addition to using technologically advanced buses for our tours and limousines that take customer to and from the airport, we also provide iPads meant to improve the way that customers understand cultures they come across. These respective devices provide succint (and, if customers wish so, more complex) information concerning the tour they are meant to take part in. While some might be inclined to believe that technology takes away from the benefits associated with visiting certain areas, the truth is that it can actually amplify a person's overall experience. A customer using an iPad with a customized TopTravel application can learn more about things he or she should focus on during some visits. For example, the respective person can avoid having to try several restaurants before finding the perfect one. Although taste is subjective, we've made sure that we provide attractions that fit the needs of most of our customers. As previously mentioned, our market mainly consists from individuals over the age of 60. Even with this, we've recently engaged in a series of enterprises involving younger people. Some of our tours can actually be customized in accordance with the customer's interests. For example, an adventourous person can visit Lake Garda in Italy and take part in a series of extreme sports while a more relaxed individual can visit the area and stay in a quiet hotel and enjoy guided coach rides.

One of our main goals for next year involves improving our presence on social networks. The fact that our market mainly consists of elderly individuals means that we focused less on the internet as a channel of communication. Our principal marketing channels include newspapers (this channel is actually the one that we invest the most in), radio, and television. However, we've noticed an increasing level of interaction with our customers through social networks. More and more people seem to follow our Youtube channels, our Facebook, and our Twitter. This has certainly come as a surprise to us, but it did not caught us unprepared. We've been expecting an increase in customers who are technology savy and have been collaborated with a series of SEO companies in order to achieve best results. Our presence in the online environment has grown in recent years and we are enthusiastic about welcoming our customers on our online platforms.

A major strength of our company is the fact that we have been on the market for over thirty years. While the market obviously changes with time (taking into account that most customers are over 60 years of age), we usually work in agreement with the 80-20 ratio, as most of our revenue is owed to returning customers.

Another strength is our collaboration with suppliers -- the fact that we have worked with these people for several years means that they usually refrain from cooperating with our competitors. This guarantees our presence in certain regions.

The fact that our employees are well-acquainted with the quality of the services we provide means that each sales individual focuses on the customer's needs when recommending a holiday. In cases where certain tours involve a lot of walking, the sales person does his or her best to inform customers regarding the physical condition they need to be in so as for them to have a pleasant experience.

Our complaints department is designed to prevent serious cases from going to court. Even with the fact that some complaints are ridiculous, we do our best in order to make people feel that they are listened.

One of our principal weaknesses involves the lack of an experienced director. With the director that has been with the company for twenty years recently leaving and with the owner starting new enterprises, the company has fallen behind in recent years as a result of new directors being hesitant about taking on risks.

Another weakness of the company is the fact that turnover rates are especially high. People seem to have reached a point where they no longer see their interests as being the same as the company's and leave in order to get what they perceive as being better jobs.

The fact that we dominate the market means that we afford introducing costs that many seem as outstanding. With our competitors realizing this, it would be safe to say that our high costs influence potential customers to look at other options.

With much larger companies realizing the profits they can get in the area, it seems that conditions are worsening for our company.

A serious opportunity for TopTravel would involve the introduction of new (and cheaper) types of tours that would be aimed at younger markets.

Another opportunity would regard actually investing in areas that we provide tours to. Although this would be a serious risk, it would cement our position in the respective regions.

As previously mentioned, the online environment is a field that we still need to develop in, thus meaning that it could significantly add to our profits if people were to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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