Success Nothing About My Career in College Research Proposal

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Nothing about my career in college or in the world of business and economics could be considered usual, and yet I would definitely consider my current status as a university applicant to be a great success. Coming from Korea, I faced many barriers to my studies in the United States that many other students in this country would not have to face. For instance, my language and cultural barriers led me at first to not succeed in the ways I wished. It was very difficult for me to perform well even in subjects that I had shown my proficiency in due to the fact that the language and method of instruction was very different from the way I had been used to learning. Also, I found this country very lonely at first. But each of these failures really proved to be ways to make me stronger and a better success at what it is I want to become, which is a financial analyst. Now, I have two languages and two cultures and a much broader understanding of the world because of it. I have made many friends, and have begun to master the English language. I also understand the different ways people can learn and explain things, which I believe is very useful to a financial analyst when working with others. The "failures" that I encountered early in my studies were actually life's way of leading me to success by making sure I knew what I needed before moving on.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Proposal on Success Nothing About My Career in College Assignment

This pattern of taking the long and hard route to a more complete success did not begin when I moved to the United States to purse my studies. As a matter of fact, my move to the United States and my plan to become a financial analyst were not always a part of my plan for success. Being born in 1980, I am much older than most of my peers studying with me in college. Most of my friends back in Korea… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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