Successful Business Strategy Implementing Term Paper

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Business strategy implementation should thus incorporate organizational goals and objectives that have to do with maintaining and observing customer loyalty, satisfaction and preferences over time as a result of key initiatives related to implementation and progress.


The successful implementation of a business strategy can be accomplished when members of top and middle management, and key employees work together in a manner that is supportive of company objectives and goals. For a business strategy to be implemented successful, management and employee buy in is a critical component toward success. In addition, corporate objectives and goals must be developed that are directly linked to the implementation process, so that managers have a mechanism for monitoring process during each stage of the implementation process.

Open communication is another vital element of successful implementation. When employees, customers and managers are well informed, problems are less likely to occur during key implementation phases.

Lastly, for a business strategy to be successfully implemented it must be monitored over time and it must allow the company to connect in some manner with the customers. The customer will ultimately provide feedback regarding business strategy implementation and allow top level managers to assess whether or not the company's goals and objectives were adequately satisfied during the implementation process. Customers can be surveyed in order to gain information about the implementation process.


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