Successful Expatriate Training Synthesis Successful Expatriate Preparation Essay

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Successful Expatriate Training


Successful expatriate preparation requires more than simply learning a new language

Being fluent in another culture requires far more than simply learning the language. Every culture has a different framework of assumptions as to what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behavior. For example, when dealing with Europeans, being excessively detailed and 'spelling out' the meaning of what one is saying can come across as patronizing, even though such clarity may be viewed as a positive attribute amongst plain-spoken Americans, These lapses of intercultural understanding are extremely common. Executives at HP committed such a faux paux when dealing with their counterparts in Grenoble, despite the fact that HP is a highly respected multinational firm (Kholsa 2001). Europeans also often resist certain aspects of American business life that we may take for granted, such as the need to wear nametags or to smile (Khosla 2001).

Intercultural understanding and making one's foreign counterparts feel at home often requires very subtle and nuanced gestures, to show that the negotiator has done his or her homework, regarding the other party's culture. These gestures can be as simple as knowing when to extend a cup of tea to Japanese colleagues during an intense negotiation session; showing respect for time when dealing with Israelis who prefer a highly compressed and time-efficient meeting style; or knowing when to pause and when to remain silent (Kholsa 2001).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Successful Expatriate Training Synthesis Successful Expatriate Preparation Assignment

Gaining such cultural fluency demands that Americans try to understand, with a sincere and open mind, why some individuals view American business tactics as rude. Arab businessmen, accustomed to a more high-context style of negotiations in which interpersonal relationships are paramount, often find Americans abrupt. Perhaps even more damaging to creating a positive atmosphere during negotiations, is the significant fact that Americans are viewed as unwilling to adapt themselves to deal with local business channels and are said to impose their internal business strategies upon foreign organizations (Wederspahan 2002). Of course, this may… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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