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[. . .] Many times, I did nothing but just lie there staring blankly into the dark, recollecting upon the events that had taken place during the day, in fact as the holiday progressed the thinking session filled more time than the sleeping did.

Always so still, the world outside felt to us, but a single boring moan permeated the silence of the room, my grandmother snoring enormously until the second her eyelids come wide awake. It was impossible for the room to become quiet enough for me to move into a deep dream leaving with me with a considerate trance in its place. Interesting enough, my feet would seem to slip in and out of the sheet as my concentration did with reality and dreams; it would over and over again be the sharp feeling rolling crudely around the center of my feet that stirred me from my sleep - beach sand from the beach which had been visited early that day with my cousin. It actually found a way that was driven all the way into the cracks of skin and evaded the lure of a shower. Not to mention, that there were the nights where I would just sit there and long for nothing beyond an icy cold cup of water and outcome in several minutes of frightening myself all up right before I was able to stumble around the trullo for the canteen of iced water that would refill me and send me into a state of pleasure. And of course I would steal back to the room almost fluctuating as I strived to make not an ounce of noise, simply to be challenged by a wall.

After Touching on the last link in the chain, the room would gradually start taking the form as sunlight begins creeping silently into the room leaking through each and every hole, spilling its excellent substances, and there I would try to just pull out of my bed with an expressive yawn which contains the notion that I was the first one to join the stemming sun. I started to press my hands in the direction of the now scorching metallic door and then spent my first sensual experience of the day on the ground outside of my grandmother's house.

As I began to walk to the front of the house, I was soon being bombarded by the explosions of life. Watching the dogs barking heavily and the echoing among the trees, unrestrained, mysterious sensations of grasshoppers joining them with great groups of birds sporadically falling into sync, however, that was not even the case. In actual fact when you stepped outside the only thing you were received by were the sound of silence and the first sparkling waves of heat that was responsible for warming up the day. There was unconditionally nothing, a display of the unknown, true you could make out the occasional purring of subtle wind in the trees, but then again that was all. Everyone or anyone could just sit outside at the dining table which was still dispersed with playing cards and leftovers of strawberry sorbet from the preceding night and appreciate the unexpected sensual effect of discretion.

However all that changes suddenly when my grandmother comes out the house speaking in Italian without even taking a deep breath. My cousin and I are worried for the moment. Is she having a heart attack? She pulls us both inside and we watch the news to see a picture of a young woman on the TV set. Since we did not understand a lick of Italian, we just had to stare on with great disappointment. "qualche altro americano fomentare guai" she yells out which means "some other American is stirring up trouble." Who was this American? Everyone knew about the Amanda Knox case which had just reached a verdict.

In 2007, Knox was an American that moved to Perugia, Italy, in order to study German Italian, and creative writing at the University for Foreigners for one year. (Buss) Amanda shared a house with Meredith Kercher, who was a student from England, along with two Italian women. (Folks) however, over time, in mid-October 2007 she started a romantic connection with an Italian engineering student, Raffaele Sollecito, from Bari, Apulia. (Iannone) then on November 1, 2007, Meredith Kercher was slain in the apartment that she shared with Knox. On November 6, 2007, Knox was under arrest by the Italian police and, alongside with Sollecito, indicted with the murder of Kercher. During the subsequent four-year trial and appeal process she was held under cautionary detention (carcerazione preventiva) at the Capanne prison in Perugia. In 2009, Knox and Sollecito were convicted of sexual assault, murder and simulating a burglary at the first level (primo grado) of trial (Miskolcze). However, according to Italian law, she would not be considered guilty until the verdict was confirmed by higher courts. (Manente)All through her appeal at the second level (secondo grado) of trial, which settled on October 3, 2011, the original conviction was reversed, Knox was discovered to be innocent of the murder and she was free from prison. The Amanda Knox case was the talk of the town but know something new was brewing. Not really interested at first I wondered is this going to mess up my summer? After all I came to relax and have fun and see my Old Italian relatives in a land that I had never been to before. I was an American and so was my cousin but were we at the right place at the wrong time? We both decided that the missing American girl was not our business and that we would carry on in our journey. However, there was no surprise that Italy was known for is human trafficking. Could this missing woman be a victim of that? Unquestionable, sex trafficking is running widespread is an issue all of the world, but then again Italy has a unique place in the big picture. Its issue appears to be twofold: It is both an endpoint to be trafficked and a dwelling to be trafficked through to other European nations (Manente). Geographically, Italy is located perfectly. It's an enormous peninsula, giving it profusely of coastal part for individuals to dock. So many coasts, it's almost awkward to monitor it well. Contemplate about how tough the United States has watching a land boarder that's smaller in length. As tourists are having fun with enjoying the good wine and cheese in Italy, they are also loving their concealment as they also relish the sex trafficking, nevertheless it is not just those that are foreigners who are taking part (Folks).

Picture 1 Sex trafficking not uncommon in Italy.

Prostitution has been lawful in Italy ever since 1958. This has had thoughtful outcomes on the cultures outlook towards sex. There are individuals in their 70?s who could have lawfully contributed in Prostitution, all the while Italy was trying to recuperate from World War II.

Picture 2 Amanda Knox Accused of killing her roommate in Italy.

To get away from things, my cousin and I decided to head for the Trullo roof which is were. A trullo is an old-style Apulian dry stone hut with a tapering roof (Campisi). Their style of structure is exact to the Itria Valley, in the Murge part of the Italian district of Apulia. Trulli were usually built as storehouses or temporary field shelters and as constant houses by agricultural laborers and small proprietors. Their golden age was sometime during the 19th century (Mukhopadhyay). The following picture is an example.

Picture 3 Row of trullo houses in Monte Pertica Street in Alberobello, Bari Province

Trulli were generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural laborers. Their golden age was the 19th century. This was the place where we considered being our home away from home.

Picture 4 Model displaying the usual construction method of a trullo. The cavity between the inside ashlar wall face and the outside covering of stone tiles or chiancharelle is occupied with stone rubble (Iannone). The arch is one of pebble voussoirs.

When we wanted to escape to a place that had no stress from loud mouth Italian old people that talked too fast and too much, thin is where we would go. We loved every minute of it because it was such a peaceful place. The Trullo rooftop was our location of escape and it has been so every time we made our trip to Italy as small children. A place for both of us to go and excel into a dream like frailty nonetheless the mornings were every so often far too hot to permit the brain to ponder; so I would wait for my cousin to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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