Suffer Anymore: Access to Pain Essay

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In fact, according to Brennan et al., "we are at an "inflection point" in which unreasonable failure to treat pain is viewed worldwide as poor medicine, unethical practice, and an abrogation of a fundamental human right" (2007). However, there is a tremendous breakdown between what is seen as an ideal and what occurs in the everyday working environments in many modern medical communities. This is an unacceptable reality because pain management is not unduly burdensome or expensive. Morphine is the first-course medication for severe pain and the fact that is it both inexpensive and widely available removes many of the barriers to offering such relief to patients experiencing pain.

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Perhaps one of the reasons that countries are not addressing this problem in a more vigorous manner is that the implications for ignoring pain are not significant, on a diplomatic level. Yes, the implications for ignoring pain management are significant for the individual suffering from un-relieved pain. However, many of these patients are dying and will have no impact on the future of their countries. Moreover, because their family members may not even be aware that pain medications exist that could have alleviated tremendous suffering, the government and medical community may not experience any type of backlash for continued denial. Therefore, the burden will fall to those in the medical community to continue to advocate for patient needs and seek pain relief for their patients. For a nurse practicing in the United States, where the majority of the medical community believes in pain relief, this may not have a tremendous impact on day-to-day working conditions. However, if a nurse works in an international arena, that nurse can expect to encounter resistance when seeking pain medications on behalf of a suffering patient, and must be prepared to strongly advocate on behalf of that patient.


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Essay on Suffer Anymore: Access to Pain Assignment

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