Langston Hughes' Weary Blues & Suicide Essay

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[. . .] This is what is known as the pastoral approach to care that can be of importance to individuals who register some spiritual component in their lives. However, not all people who suffer may respond in the same way. Thus, there are other approaches that can be equally beneficial without applying a spiritual message.

For example, cognitive behavioral therapy could be used to help suicidal people identify various positive goals and behaviors that they can pursue whenever one of their triggers pushes them towards feelings of loss or grief and threaten to overwhelm them. Cognitive-behavioral therapy “focuses on helping patients to disconfirm their obsessive fears via exposure to feared stimuli while resisting compulsions” (McLean et al. 1653). It is a process by which a suicidal person works with a counselor to identify various triggers that could push the person into despair and into the feeling of wanting to kill oneself. Once these triggers are identified, the person can then implement a strategy to move towards the behaviors that can allow the person to resist suicidal thoughts and maintain a positive outlook.

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Trauma-focused therapy can also be helpful as it gives the individual a way to examine the underlying issues that have led to the experience of grief and loss and that keep these feelings from passing in a natural way. Another option is to apply a non-Western therapy for healing, for example, such as a focus on Sufism, which can be helpful in emphasizing the interconnectedness of things. Focusing on how life has an interconnected beauty about it can be especially meaningful and uplifting for people thinking about suicide (McLean et al). It gives them a focus on something higher than themselves and allows them the opportunity to put their issues into the kind of perspective needed to move them towards a more positive frame of mind.

Essay on Langston Hughes' Weary Blues & Suicide Assignment

For overcoming depression associated with grief and loss, such an approach could be highly useful. Another approach, however, would be to include music therapy, which can be particularly meaningful for a suicidal person as well, as it highlights along with art therapy the deeper exploration of the self and the individual identity, which can be important for allowing healing to take place. Essentially, this is what the blues is all about and why it works so well in serving as a source of catharsis.

As Hughes points out, the weary blues may be something that a person struggles with all one’s life. Even his blues singer is never fully free from them: “The singer stopped playing and went to bed / While the Weary Blues echoed through his head” (Hughes). However, by continuing in whatever form of therapy works for the person suffering from suicidal thoughts, the individual can manage to maintain a degree of emotional and mental health and thereby stay afloat.

Suicide is a problem that many people face in life: it can haunt one’s thoughts and oppress one’s feelings. Unless the individual who is overwhelmed with thoughts of suicide receives help from others, he may take his own life. The key to fighting against suicide is acknowledging that one needs others to help. In Hughes’ poem, the blues are a way for catharsis and healing to transpire.

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