Sula the Name of Sula's Mother A-Level Outline Answer

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The name of Sula's mother is Hannah.

Sula lives in the Bottom, an area that a master gave to his former slave because it was hilly and thought to be unresourceful.

Shadrack was severely traumatized consequent to experiencing the First World War's suffering and devised a ritual called the National Suicide Day with the purpose of channeling his fears.

The three adopted boys living in Sula's house are all named Dewey because Eva wants them all to assume the same personality.

Sula accidentaly throws Chicken Little, a neighbor of hers, into the water as she tries to swing him by the hands. Nel contributes to this crime by not telling anyone about it.

Ralph Peace, Sula's uncle, develops mental instability as a result of his participation in WWI and because of his heroin addiction. This influences Eva in burning him alive with kerosen.

Sula's return home is accompanied by a plague of robins ravishing the neighborhood.

Eva's leg is lost in a self-mutilation act that she commits with the purpose of getting insurance money.

Nel marries Jude, a waiter working at the Hotel Medallion.

Nel's marriage is destroyed by Sula, who has an affair with Jude.

It is very probable that Sula leaves town because she knows that her relationship with Nel is going to suffer as a result of the marriage.

Shadrack lives at the edge of Bottom.

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Sula puts Eva in a nursing home.

Sula's birthmark is interpreted differently by characters in the book, as it is seen as a rose, a snake, and as Hannah's ashes.

Eva's job is to care for her household.

Eva accuses Sula in regard to her reluctance to intervene when Hannah was burning.

Sula's boyfriend is named Albert Jacks (Ajax).

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