Summative Assessments and Formative Term Paper

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According to Downing (2007), selected-response questions require multiple-choice, matching or true/false answers while constructed-response questions require essay or short answers. For this unit of study, the formative assessment is as follows…

1. The Civil Rights Movement fought against slavery and racial discrimination of Blacks.

a. Yes

b. No

Answer: Yes.

2. Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists preferred non-violent protests as a means of promoting changes in the American social fabric.

a. True

b. False

Answer: True.

3. The Civil Rights Movement was successful in addressing social conflict brought by racial discrimination and slavery.

a. Yes

b. No

Answer: Yes.

4. What was the main goal of Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists during the 1960s?

Answer: The philosophy and main goal of Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists was to promote the general welfare of African Americans in the United States. They believed that African Americans deserved to be treated with dignity and worth like other Americans.

5. How did the Civil Rights Movement promote the growth and development of the United States?Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Answer: The Civil Rights Movement played a crucial role in the abolishment of slavery and addressing racial discrimination, which was a major problem in the country. It contributed to the growth and development of the United States by closing social and legal gaps that promoted unfair treatment of African Americans in various facets of the society.

Part 3: Performance Task

In light of the summative and formative assessments created for this unit of study, a performance task was designed to help students apply their learning in an authentic manner as shown below.

Term Paper on Summative Assessments and Formative Assessments Assignment

State one performance outcome and the indicators for the performance (specific descriptors that clarify the outcome).

Student will learn how Civil Rights Movement influenced the growth and development of the US. Indicators for the performance include ability to identify the key players and activities in the Civil Rights Movement. Secondly, students will demonstrate how Civil Rights Movement shaped the American society.

Describe the performance task.

Students will be assessed on various players and issues relating to the Civil Rights Movement and its contribution in shaping the social fabric of the U.S.

Who will view the product or performance?

The performance will be viewed by the teacher who will assess it using a rubric.

What is the real-world context for the task?

Mastery of social conflict and cooperation skills in promoting national growth and development.

List the step-by-step process for task completion.

· Read various learning materials relating to the topic/unit of study.

· Participate in small and large group discussions on the topic.

· Conduct additional electronic and library research.

· Complete the summative and formative assessments.

List process criteria.

· Demonstrate mastery of learning content.

· Identify the correct answers to the various questions in the summative and formative assessments.

List final product criteria.

· Use a variety of resources and learning materials to identify or create correct answers for the test items.

Holistic Rubric

Product Criteria


All areas in the assessments are completed.





A variety of materials have been used for research and to gather additional information on the topic.





Writing is grammatically correct.





Each of the questions is answered using complete sentences and an appropriate flow.





Student demonstrate mastery of learning materials.





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