Summer Internship Essay

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We strive to leader in corporate citizenship and sustainable development, caring for our colleagues and guests, seeking to enrich the quality of life for the communities in which we do business, and serving as good stewards of society and the environment." (Shangri-la's Social Responsibility)

Internal customer profile (list demographics; i.e., who works there? are there any common characteristics and/or qualifications, education of the associates)

Shangri-La is dedicated to providing highly personalized guest service. The hotel recruits for attitude as well as trains for talents and skills. Shangri-La hotels and resorts provides a highly acclaimed training program named Shangri-La care which is divided in to four modules and it is also in line with the group's strategic plans to become an industrial leader. All members and staff have to review these modules within six-month of joining the group (Rizal, 2007).

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Within the group, Shangri-La is a living culture and it is highly supported by senior management and is constantly cascaded through the organization. Every hotel is required to allocate a certain budget for training and development. General Manager of the hotel makes sure that funds are spent year after year. To make sure that the guests at hotel feel special, the hotel focuses on five core values which include Respect, Hospitality, Courtesy, Sincerity and Helpfulness. The service hallmark of the hotel has the imbued value of "Pride with Arrogance." This hallmark focuses on the significance of guest loyalty which is achieved by pleasing the guests every time they visit the hotel. Every employer is required to be guest obsessed by doing more and going an extra mile, by being flexible and never saying no, by responding quickly and by focusing on their individual needs and anticipation (Rizal, 2007).

External customer profile (who is the customer; list as many customer demographics as you can)

Essay on Summer Internship Assignment

The target market of Shangri-la hotel and resorts belongs to upper class mostly as it has been providing hotel services for business travelers. Company has proven itself the world's best hotel in management and services through serving this target market. Hotel not only provides with room services but also provides suitable venues to organize business meetings, conferences or any other event. Shangri-la hotel and resorts provide with stress-free and efficient accommodations for no less than 3000 people. The hotel has also launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. This program is a comprehensive approach towards their stakeholders beyond any revenue, legal obligations and profit. Stake holders include community members, customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders (Rizal, 2007).

People refer to the target market of Shangri-La hotels and also to the service personnel. Staff members who deliver their services at Shangri-la hotels are also referred by people. Since it is a five star hotel, the target market is upper class and business people who have higher financial and consumption capability. The project focuses on three Shangri-la hotels and resorts; trader hotels at George Town, and Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferring beach. Tourists especially from eastern and western Europe visit the Batu Ferringgi Beach. It is said that these tourists from eastern and western Europe posse good financial and consuming abilities as compared to local travelers. The management of this hotel has positioned itself towards the tourists of high financial and consumption group (Rizal). Business men can afford five star hotels as their expenses are paid by their company, which chooses a high prestige hotel for their representatives to give a good impression of the company (Rizal, 2007).

Original expectation: what did you discuss with your employer about what you hoped to achieve, learn, experience

Throughout the 8 weeks of my internship program I realized that I was successful in acquiring enough knowledge and experience which could be helpful in my future career. HR Department of the Shangri-La hotel offered me ample opportunities which allowed me to showcase my skills as an active HR member. Moreover, my efforts were acknowledged by the department. I was able to successfully complete all the tasks and I handed them over to supervisor by the end of my internship program. I assisted TTT and my work was appreciated. I was also introduced to the senior management of the organization. Plus, I also assisted in preparing some crucial PowerPoint presentations (Subedi, 2012).

Did the experience meet your expectations?

My former working experience of one year in Standard Chartered bank as assistant- operations made me capable enough to understand the hardcore corporate culture. I was well prepared to handle the responsibilities. This eight-week internship program gave me a significant exposure and inside look of such a huge organization. I was able to use my theoretical knowledge practically and participated in many discussions actively (Subedi, 2012).

What positive contribution did you make during this experience?

During my internship program, I was an active participant in HR department. I shared my knowledge and fresh ideas with the senior management. This active exposure allowed me to have an inside look at the workings of this organization and gather significant experience for my career. I also initiated to train my co-interns and my efforts were appreciate by the HR department.

Self-evaluation: What grade would you give yourself on this experience and why?

Working as an intern in one of the best five star hotels and resort of the world was a golden opportunity for me as many people want to avail this chance but I was lucky enough to get it. People from different countries want to come and work here. I got a chance to get training under the best leadership and supervision in food and beverage department as well as HR department. This life-time opportunity gave me a chance to meet with many senior business personalities by serving and greeting them. HR department groomed me and gave me a chance to train with my co-interns which I managed remarkably. Based on the learning achieved and the experience of working in this Shangri-la hotel I rate myself 9 on a scale of 10.


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