Thesis: Superintendent &amp New School Board Member: Positive Work Relationship

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Superintendent/New Board Member Relationship

Superintendent/New School Board Member Relationship

People develop good relationships with each other through mutual respect, a good "connection," and common things enjoyed by both. When there is a working relationship to figure out, perhaps courtesy, diplomacy, and acceptance are added to the list. So it is with a District Superintendent attempting to make a solid relationship with a new board member.

The process of making this new relationship work should have begun when the board hired the current supervisor. That is, hiring the right personality in the first place is crucial.

Linda Murray, an eight-year superintendent of the San Jose Unified School District in California, says respect and good ears are keys. "I think a great deal of it, of any relationship, is the relationship itself -- being a good listener, being able to appreciate and respect the divergent views of the board members and trying to build a consensus through a lot of discussion and dialogue" (Pascopella, 2001).

In the case of a new school board member, it behooves the superintendent to garner his support right away with a casual meeting scheduled very soon after the new board member joins. It is up to the man already in place to invite the new guy and have a discussion, first about family and personal issues, football, yard work, or whatever, without diving straight away into business. This should be a get to know each other, casual chat over coffee or lunch. It is up to the superintendent to make the new board member comfortable and offer his support without appearing to pander to or pressure him. It's a good time too to see if you share things in common like interests, hobbies, sports. There is nothing better than a round of golf to give two people time to chat and get to know each other. Then a change of course into discussing their respective duties and responsibilities would be in order -- setting the deck straight. Of course, all of this is focuses at the idea of initiating a more mutually beneficial working relationship.

Following that encounter, the working relationship's affectivity depends on two basic human functions: listening and communicating, and honesty. The superintendent has to remember, that new or not, the board member is not alone -- he represents a good segment of the city, and enjoys the peoples' confidence. A wise superintendent must listen carefully and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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