Superstition Is a Belief Essay

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Superstition is a belief in something that is not based on reason. In other words, it is the opposite of faith -- which, as the medieval world understood and tried to show (in the works of Thomas Aquinas, for example), was based on reason. Superstition is usually associated with what are called "old wives' tales," and they usually deal with luck or things that might occur in the future.

I do not believe that I am superstitious about anything, even though I sometimes play along with superstitions. For example, I might root for the number 8 (which is said to be lucky) and shy away from the number 4 (unlucky).

The difference between science, pseudoscience, philosophy and religion is that in a modern sense science is held above the others because it is based the collection of empirical data. Pseudoscience is a kind of false or wishful collection of data but is mostly hyperbole. Philosophy is the study of wisdom, as the ancient Greeks used to say. But such figures as Aristotle would have seen no difference between philosophy and science. And religion is that which binds us back to God -- as we appear to be separated.

The difference between proving something and having faith is this: proof is something that can be ratified by the intellect as true. Faith is the leap the will must take when reason shows that one must accept solely on the authority of the messenger alone -- hence, faith comes by hearing, but rests upon reason.

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I do not believe in pseudoscience. But I do have faith in God.

I can attempt to prove that God is true. I can point to the quinque viae that Aquinas used. Or I can point to the argument of Anselm: God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived.

I do not believe that prayer is a pseudoscience, but I do believe it is how we talk to God and I believe He listens and that prayer is good for us.

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