Assessment: Supervisory Development Plan This Situational

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[. . .] I will have to handle the whole situation with a lot of tact and care. Without proper thought a single sentence uttered can go wrong. This can end up ruining the whole of the trip for the group. That is completely against the aim of the trip. Another strong aspect on my side will be my highly capable assistant and right hand. With him by my side during the whole of the trip of Las Vegas, I will be highly comfortable. There is not much to handle with the set and designated members of the AARP.

Input from Others

When the whole of the trip was decided, there were many discussions held. These were crucial to the planning of the trip. These discussions helped me get a fair idea of what the different members of the group were expecting. The first thing was to interview the activity director of the American Association of Retired Person. This was so that he could help work out the whole of the plan along with me. The different aspects of the trip were the stay at the hotel, the food expense, the travel expense, the expense of gambling. The overall cost would be borne by the individuals. However, we still had to work out the different ways in which costs could be minimized.

The next input needed was from the different staff members. This would help ensure what other staff members to take along on the trip. Another thing which would be decided through talking to them is to find out who out of them knew how to play Black Jack. This would help save me the effort, time and money on hiring a proper Black Jack teacher. After that the different people at the organization have to be interviewed. This will help us in getting a right idea of where exactly to visit. Without that we will not be able to get the right idea. This will also help in bridging the gaps which are present in the performance of the whole group.

It is important to realize that books should also be used. This will help in getting the whole group a good idea regarding the game. They should be able to recognize the different techniques in which to cope with the game.


Keeping in mind the different barriers which will be faced by me as the director, it is very important to know where to start from. There is not much difficulty in planning the trip. However, the difficulty arises when the time comes to teach the members of the AARP how to play the game. There is not much to teach them if they had a basic knowledge of the game. However, they are complete novices in the game. The other most important thing to keep in mind is that they have to stay within a limit while they are gambling. This is all about job aid. We need to teach them how to play the game properly. The game should be taught with care and a lot of patience. Since they are not in the prime of their age, they might not be able to pick up the game as quickly.

The group should be allowed to practice as much as possible on the program which was found. This will help them get a hang of how the game rolls. It will be beneficial to be present during these simulators. This is because we can then coach them on when to stop and when to bid higher. With the presence of proper guidance, the members should be able enjoy their trip greatly in Las Vegas.


Looking at the whole of the situation, it can be seen that this is not as difficult a situation as it sounds on paper. Since the people we are dealing with are not young and resistant to change, they will not be much resistant to the ideas which are presented by us. The members are all willing to play the game. For that they will listen to the directions given to them with great care. This is what will make it incredibly easy for us to make the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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