Supervisory Development Plan Assessment

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Supervisory Development Plan

Developmental Goals

Learning Strategies to Achieve Developmental Goals

Performance Gaps


Input from Others

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Supervisors

Implementation of the Developmental Plan

Being a supervisor means to drive performance and accountability for not only oneself but for the employees as well. In fact, by developing a supervisory development plan, one would be able to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and goals, which would eventually facilitate the individual to fulfill and match the expectations of others. Moreover, this plan would also aid the individual to be effective and fruitful as a supervisor for the entire organization (Lu, 2007).

With this intention, the supervisory development plan desires to achieve the developmental goals that would ensure the areas of concentration for learning new skills, knowledge, and abilities on a broad spectrum. I would perform self-assessment in order to identify the performance gaps, which would also include the inputs and feedbacks from others such as co-workers and superiors. Based on the feedbacks, I would identify the strategies and implement them so that the developmental goals can be achieved which were set earlier.

Developmental Goals

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The principal motive with the developmental goal is to enrich the proficiency and effectiveness of myself so that I can work effectively and efficiently as a supervisor. In this regard, my core focus and attention is on enhancing my knowledge, skills, and abilities that are essential.

Considering the principal focus of being an effective supervisor, my first goal is collaboration with subordinates and peers. Through this goal, I want to improve and enhance the relationships with my subordinates and turn into a much better partner. Moreover, understanding their individual goals and needs is also an aspect of my goal with the intention to work together in strong partnership that can help achieve overall goals of all individuals. I need to have strong communication, motivational and listening skills.

TOPIC: Assessment on Supervisory Development Plan Assignment

My second goal is to increase the personal improvement (in terms of job satisfaction) and productivity. I need to have profound and comprehensive understanding about the existing organizational policies with research skills and analytical skills that can aid me in developing improved policies. The performance review of the employees (on the yearend) would determine the level of success of the goal.

Learning Strategies to Achieve Developmental Goals

In order to achieve my first goal, I need to be closely in touch with my subordinates and coworkers so that I am in a better position to gain an insight about their individual goals from the job. However, direct communication is one of the effective strategies that would enable me to supervise each employee while developing plans for overall goals of the organization.

Involvement and collaboration of all is essential because it would help them associate with their own developmental objectives, and hence every employee would be motivated to work in partnership because of the recognition of how teamwork would benefit them in achieving their own goals. Feedbacks from the subordinates and peers would help me in achieving my goal. Additionally, the performance evaluation in the team work by all (employees and supervisor) would also facilitate me in realizing how successful I have been in achieving my goal.

I would achieve my second goal by designing and developing strategies, procedures and policies that can provide the employees to have a substantial level of job satisfaction that can lead to escalated productivity. In order to create new and improved policies, I need to look at the past trends and developmental plans that have been used so that the failure achieved in the past is not repeated.

The budgets are an imperative aspect that needs to be considered with gravity during this phase. Again, the involvement, contribution and feedback from the company's stakeholders are required, as it would alleviate the process of change. The best practices of the industry and of the competitors would again be fruitful in developing the improvised version of the strategies that can help in achieving the goal and match the corporate culture as well.

Performance Gaps

Performance gaps are one of the elements that the supervisors must not ignore in order to alleviate the performance gaps and be an effective supervisor to the employees and subordinates.

Considering my developmental goals and strategies, my major weakness is the inadequate ability to alter the relationships according to the needs of the situation. This means that I face difficulty in being fair and biased as being a supervisor with all the colleagues and subordinates. Since I have different behavioral and personal relationship with different colleagues, thus, this problem occurs, as I cannot be strict and biased with all my subordinates when in a team. In this regard, I need to develop skills of being prejudice so that I equally treat all my team members and have a balanced discipline irrespective of the relationship that I have with them.

Another area of my weakness is the research skills, which needs improvement. Since working as a supervisor, policies development is a major aspect (which needs extensive research on the industry best practices). Therefore, I need to work in this area that can enhance my research skills, for which I can seek guidance and help from my superiors and fellow supervisors who have been involved in such related activities. Since they have been working on the mentioned skill, thus they would be in a better position to provide me with proper guidance and advice. This skill is improved over time by extensive practice, which would aid me in gaining knowledge and experience to a satisfactory level.


The understanding of KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities) is essential because it directs the supervisors towards growth, since the individual would be well aware of his strengths and areas of improvement. The self-assessment practice is the outline of my strengths that I possessed, which adds my capability as a supervisor.

As being a supervisor, I had the opportunity to enhance and enrich many of my skills because of working in close contact with my supervisors. I developed the skills of handling and coping up the complex problems that the supervisors have to face in mundane as well as specific situations. On the other hand, my knowledge that I gained over the years of my professional experience in association with handling complex problems, I am not confident that I can confront the complex problems of supervisor with proficiency.

Working in collaboration with my superiors, I have also cultivated my leadership skills, which plays a substantial role as being a supervisor. I have also developed skill where I can maximally utilize the strengths of my subordinates and how their weakness can be prevailed over. This skill largely facilitates my when motivating subordinates with their job duties through which not only the overall team objectives are met but also aids them at personal level.

Input from Others

The response and feedbacks from managers as well as colleagues is critical because I would direct me on my weak areas that still exist on which I need special attention. However, the feedbacks that I received clearly stated that my leniency with few of the co-workers, which increase the likelihood of jobs and tasks not being performed efficiently, effectively and on timely manner. Moreover, the supervisors have also added that I am not apparent with all the team members, which again creates issues when completions of the tasks are concerned.

Over the period, I have also received positive criticism on the subject of my research skills. One of my supervisors revealed that I have proved to be a keen learner, who has quickly developed skills of research analysis and its implementation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Supervisors

KSA -- Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are the three components that have been visibly presented in the supervisory development plan. However, considering the most significant skill, the supervisor needs to be strongest with the communication skills, since contact on continuous basis is the fundamental attribute that supervisors have to be engaged with. Therefore, communication skills is considered to be integral than any other supervisor KSA.

The ability to motivate and persuade the team members and other co-workers is one of the essential requirements of the skills that a supervisor must possess. The motivational capability is a part of leadership skill, where the supervisors must become an example for the others in order to have the maximum output from them. This also indicates that the supervisor ought to value and concentrate on the individual goals of the employees as well. This interest of supervisor would eventually lead the team members to give their best because their personal goals are also fulfilled in some way or the other.

The supervisors should also possess the leadership skills that can aid them in their planning process. Good communication skills would also contribute in attaining leadership qualities while planning. Planning includes the developing of strategies that is of best interest to the company's goals and objectives. However, the execution of the policies is only possible if the supervisor tactfully employs… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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