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How do you think that the location of UH Hilo College of Pharmacy will influence your educational experience and do you think that these influences will add value to your pharmacy education?Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Professional Writing on Supplement Application for Pharmacy Application Assignment

The UH Hilo College of Pharmacy is, by its very location, very well situated to provide a diverse educational experience within the field of pharmacy. I am impressed by the funding recently secured by members of the college and encouraged by the college's focus on interdisciplinary approaches to pharmacy and the inclusion of western and eastern medical philosophies. I believe that my experience at Hilo will allow me to develop into a more well-rounded and better informed pharmacist, capable of meeting the needs of a diverse clientele. The practicum opportunities are also of great interest to me and I look forward to being able to spend time on more than one of the Hawaiian islands in the process of receiving my education. To me, pharmacy is as much about people as it is about pharmaceuticals, and I believe that studying in Hawaii will provide me with a great opportunity to interact with a wide cross-section of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, all of which will serve to make me better at my chosen career.
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