Tom Davis: Effective Supply Chain Management Article Review

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Every component of the supply chain process is crucial to ensure success. HP stripped down the inventory lags, workers motivation, business intelligence all over the company and unity among workers in every manufacturing plant to ensure that the whole unit moves as one. DoD failed to move as one since the management thought of traditional methods of getting things done even with most components missing from the operational function.

(Davis, 1993) concluded that in the supply chain business, always include uncertainty in the planning. The article clearly shows the difference in performance of their products as opposed to other companies. The step to put in check all the inventory and prepare for uncertainty made the company prosper well enough. Supply chain management is a process where parts make up the whole, but the whole is bigger than the parts such that for a fluid process to occur and guarantee much needed success and profits, every aspect of the chain must be engaged from workers, managers, equipment, markets and the overall economy of the company.

My Perspective on Effective Supply chain management

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From the article, I have learnt that effective supply chain management is a collective effort. Supply chain management is complex and learning all the details about it is impossible. However, with a little knowledge in management, inventory management, market analysis and overall worker motivation, a manager could deploy holistic techniques in supply chain to ensure all activities in the manufacturing plant run smoothly with uncertainties anticipated at all times (Peltz, Robbins & McGovern, 2019).

Anticipating uncertainties is the right way to operate. Inventory control is depicted best by the HP model of a supply chain being interrupted due to a bad batch of supplied chemicals. In an event a supply chain component is compromised, an alternative, which is inventory can be exploited to cover this uncertainty and break even the profits for the good of the company.

Article Review on Tom Davis: Effective Supply Chain Management Assignment

In modern times, business is more competitive, efficiency in production is mandatory and customer satisfaction is necessary to ensure retaining customers result in more profits for the company, and all this as a result of a holistic approach to supply chain management. Davis saw this possibility by analyzing the approach HP took to transform their supply chain system and make it more holistic. This further assured the companies using this model of a technology chain improvement through value addition and good performance for the company.


Anticipating uncertainty is important since it shows the level of preparedness and professionalism. Managing supply chain risk is important for the performance of the company, through the employees that are fit into the holistic approach to supply chain management. There are several tools used to mitigate risks and solve problems with which any supply chain manager can use to their advantage. If you have workers who are loyal to the process, a market that is favorable to your products and an overall management team that works together to ensure the operational function is fulfilled then supply chain management works effectively for the benefit of the manufacturer and the consumer since the former will make profits while the latter will be satisfied with the products and buy more.

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