Supply Chain Management (SCM) Essay

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However, according to Jeff Eck, who works for Global Exchange Services located in Gaithersburg in the United States, among the strong points of NIST is the capability for it to give vendor neutral testing areas which is used to figure out the product interoperability.

Meanwhile, the movement and efforts towards supply chain cost cuttings will go ahead regardless of whether the funding legislation from the congress receives the green light or not; this is because most manufacturers have realized that there is significant potential in cutting back costs with the use of supply chain management and by implementing supply chain standards, a great deal of benefits will be obtained by most industries. However, the benefits for the companies to pursue and make an effort on these standards are not always apparent as the savings are mostly realized in the supply chain itself, while there is a lack of balance between since the savings are mostly with the suppliers while the power is normally associated among the manufacturers.

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Meanwhile, the new culture of joint ventures, business partnerships and strategic alliances during the 21st century has also led to changes in the business culture and led towards the promotion of supply chain networks. Moreover, the new era of access of cheap communication has also allowed the sharing of logistics and ideas with one partner and another which leads to a win-win situation without both parties having to invest resources to research on the same thing. The promotion of such activities would also improve supply chain management and also lead to some impressive results in the long-term for all businesses, regardless of the industry.

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It is clear to see that the benefits of introducing supply chain standards are quite immense and more focus and attention should be given to these aspects in order to make companies more competitive and more productive. Governments need to invest more money towards assisting most firms with better supply chain management and also introduce a platform where companies from the same as well as different industries can come forward and share their supply chain related logistics which will ultimately help the economy a great deal and potentially save millions of dollars.


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