Supply Chains Companies Have Been Only Moderately Term Paper

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Supply Chains

Companies have been only moderately successful in implementing successful

supply chains. Describe in some depth two (no more) of the major obstacles

that you believe have inhibited success in building effective supply

chains. What (in your opinion) is the single most important action for

companies to take to assure success? Explain.

Of the many challenges that impede the ability of companies to successfully

implement their supply chains, the most difficult are transforming existing

supply chains into more lean and demand-driven, alleviating wasted

processes and time as a result. The second is the challenge of

globalization and its effects on a supply chains' ability to provide

accurate and responsive support to multiple manufacturing locations,

according to Mike Ledyard, Bill Keough ( The third most

challenging area of supply chain development and improvement is the

development of suppliers' collaboration initiatives that promote the

concept of higher levels of transparency both between suppliers and

manufacturers and also between suppliers themselves. The Toyota Production

System is an example of a collaborative supply chain system that also

supports many quality management processes as well. Collaborative supply

chain initiatives that include support for quality management areBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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increasingly becoming important to manufacturers as they support multiple

production locations according to Mu-Chen Chen, Taho Yang, Hsin-Chia Li

(pp. 524). In conjunction with collaboration at the supplier level the

priority of creating a high level of supply chain system integration from

the planning through execution phases are critical. The strength of

integration in any supply chain is tested by the demands of launching a new

product as well. Burkett (pp. 12 - 13) specifically discusses how critical

supply chain collaboration and the synchronization of suppliers in support

Term Paper on Supply Chains Companies Have Been Only Moderately Assignment

of a new product introduction.

Of these many challenges to increasing the effectiveness of supply chains,

the most critical one is determining how to make processes more efficient

and less wasteful both in terms of time and demands on the organizations'

resources. The concept of the demand-driven supply chain (DDSN) as defined

by AMR Research (Burkett, pp, 12 - 13) is based on an analysis of the

worlds' top 25 performing supply chains. From the analysis completed to

define the DDSN concept, it was found that organizations progress through a

maturity model from having essentially isolated departments and suppliers,

to a highly integrative network of suppliers with systems and process

integration both between suppliers themselves and with customers. At this

highest level of the DDSN Maturity Model, supply chains have becoming in

essence "learning organizations" that have the ability to interpret supply

chain performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) and learn what

works best for the group of suppliers an d the manufacturers they

collaborate with. DDSN-based supply chains are capable of interpreting and

responding to sources of demand from orders across multiple manufacturers

accurately and at low cost. The competitive advantages of having a DDSN

supply chain are significant and not easily replicated by competitors.

Discuss the roles of technology, collaboration, and trust in supply chain

development and management.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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