Supply Management the Line Essay

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Therefore it is an objective of primary importance of the organization when it comes to vendor selection. The designing of criteria that will be used in the determination the supplier to be used by the organization is within the objectives of the department. Therefore the building and maintenance of solid vendor relationships is a very crucial goal in supply and purchasing department (Simon, 2010).

The setting of a contracts terms and conditions involves negotiating and therefore a very key responsibility in the department is the ability for the department to carry out effective negotiations. This involves he preparations of contract meetings in advance and therefore for successful negotiations there should be the ability to be persuasive and taking a lead role for steering the process forward.

Another objective is adhering to the just-in-time order system whose goal is profit maximization by getting materials in the back door of where they are manufactured through the by-pass shelf time that is lingering. Therefore timely order execution is essential so that this system can be implemented successfully.

It is also a requirement for the department to comply with federal and state laws after the procumbent of goods has been done. It is also the policies that are set internally that are followed by buying agents. Purchasing agents should evaluate requisitions to ensure that there is accuracy and adherence to policies that are set and the purchase requisitions must be within budget guidelines and signed by the supply and purchasing department manager.

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A goal of the department is collaboration with other key departments so that team work can be fostered. Another important objective is the understanding needs and requirements of other units within the company; strategic meeting attendance also helps in providing solutions for the organization is also a very viable business goal (Simon, 2010).

Supply objectives alignment with the organizational mission and goals

Essay on Supply Management the Line of Assignment

The objectives of the department are in line with the mission and goals of the organization first of all with the organization aiming to be the best with the goods that it offers all the objectives of the department work towards this. If the purchasing and supply department adheres to its objective of collaboration with other departments; then together all the departments will work towards the achievement of the goals of the organization. Secondly if all the transactions are timely then the organization will achieve its goals. All in all if the department faithfully follows its objectives and goals then it will be very easy to achieve the entire organization's goals and mission.


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