Essay: Sustainability Classifications in Engineering Discipline and Approach

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¶ … Sustainability classifications in engineering: discipline and approach," the author sifts through the plethora of definitions, theories, and political viewpoints in relation to the concept of sustainability. The engineering sciences play a unique role in sustainability science, and are responsible for at least participating in the discussion about sustainability. In fact, the concept and practical application of sustainability is of the utmost importance to the engineering community. However, engineering departments at universities and individual scientists do not agree on a definition of sustainability -- or on the role of the engineer.

The primary and most formidable issue in sustainable engineering is the mitigation of climate change. Whether the causes for climate change matter to the engineer is one of the issues in sustainability literature. The engineer is ultimately more concerned about solutions to climate change than about causes, which are important only insofar as it affects future trajectories. A comprehensive examination of sustainability discourse can impact the development of public policy.

One issue related to sustainability is what relative or intrinsic… [END OF PREVIEW]

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