Sustainability of the Water Supply Term Paper

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"The object-oriented system dynamics approach is an appropriate technique for integrated water resources analysis. The inherent flexibility and transparency is particularly helpful for the development of simulation models for complex water resource systems with subjective variables and parameters" such as the way human beings engage with water systems (Xu et al. 2007: 240),

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This systems approach would be most suitable for analyzing water management in the Caribbean (the focus of my own research) given the complexity of influences on water quality and availability in the region. Also, I believe that all research should ideally be practical and future-focused, to result in real, concrete improvement for all actors. The approaches of the Iglesias (et al. 2007) and the Xu (et al. 2007) articles would be more amenable to my research than the approach of Rijsberman's article on "Water scarcity: Fact or fiction" which is solely concerned with the scientific evidence available about water supplies. My interest is in taking a prescriptive as well as descriptive research orientation. That there are problems with water availability in the Caribbean is a given, since this has been well-documented beforehand. The purpose is to study operations of the water supply and the prospects for future sustainability: how to improve them and how best to use organizational resources. The method I would use is a systems approach, to see how different human and organizational systems are interacting with the environment to produce the current issues which have arisen with the water supply in the area.


Iglesias, A., Moneo., M, Garrote, L., & Flores, F. 2007. Challenges to manage the risk of water scarcity and climate change in the Mediterranean. Water Resources Management, 21 (5): 775-788

Rijsberman, F. n.d., Water scarcity: Fact or fiction. Agricultural Water Management, 80 (1)


Term Paper on Sustainability of the Water Supply Assignment

Xu, Z., Takeuchi, K., Ishidaira, H., & Zhang, X. 2002. Sustainability… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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