Sustainable Career Today's World Essay

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Sustainable Career


Today's world, as presented by the many theories and research presented in this class, is very intimidating and challenging. As a young student, it appears that I am left with a giant global mess, that it would seem I had little to do with creating but responsible for cleaning it up. It is very tempting to place blame and scorn to my preceding generations who have been living in this environment much longer than me.

Choosing a career is something that should not be taken lightly and deserves quality and introspective thought towards that matter. For me, due to the very fluid and dynamic landscape that the global situation has presented, specifically in sustainability issues, I am considering avoiding the more traditional route.

The challenging world of the next few years is predicted to be ultra-competitive as resources appear to continue to dwindle and populations continue to rise. As a result, the non-profit industry of helping others will appear to be in great demand. Any career path that I choose will be based around not profits, but the ability to help others, philanthropically and otherwise.

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Running my own not for profit business, or charitable organization has become more appealing to me after being exposed to much of the information contained in this class and throughout my education. Specifically, I would be interested in a global organization that aimed to deliver natural resources such as water and food to those who are in need the most. Making great sums of money is tempting, and there are routes to this goal that are available to me that I am slightly interested in, however the appeal of this is not as strong as my non-profit motives.

Skills acquired in my education that are useful to more common careers can be transferred and used within the non-profit sector as well. Running my own non-profit organization will still require me to think critically and apply my knowledge in many different ways. Ultimately, this career suits my current desires and wishes and also contributes back in to society making it winning situation for everyone involved.

Essay on Sustainable Career Today's World, as Presented by Assignment

2. Sustainability

Whtyte's (2013) article suggested that most humans are very predictable and use repeated rituals making us boring. She wrote " We all like to think of ourselves as exciting human beings but we will often go to the same restaurant and order the same meal. it's astonishingly boring. There's no reason why any person on this planet should go to the same restaurant twice, there is so much choice. People don't realise that they are naturally loyal." This suggests not only a bleak picture of the human condition but also suggests that change at any level, much less at a global level, is difficult to come by.

Sustainability is a problem for us now as there appear to be many threats that are putting the future generations of this planet at serious risk for sustainment. A over-simplistic binary mind frame of the world had been drawn where progressive ideas conflict with historic, conservative traditions. A back and forth fight between neo-classical thought and eco-centric thought put people at odds at how to best manage the environment. Instead of taking and using both in concert they are often pitted against each other creating a dogmatic and stubborn attitudes towards sustainability and the environment.

Shrivastava & Berger (2010) wrote that "The challenge of "sustainability" and sustainable enterprise is one of those millennial challenges that can fruitfully be addressed at a foundational level by principles. All organizations are unique and face a unique set of conditions that must be addressed in the course of embracing sustainability. It is the very complexity of organizing that such principles aim to reflect." Taking their advice, any organization, or individual for that matter, would serve themselves best by taking a look at their core principles. Do they even have any principles? Pataki (2009) suggested that "excellence in technology and culture, though they clearly provide space for environmental performance improvement, are at the same time constrained by the institutional logic of a hierarchical organization and a market society." Principles must transcend this forms if sustainability is to be achieved at any level.

Acquiring resources, just for the sake of acquiring them does not make sense unless an organization's principles' revolve around wanton waste and laziness. The competitive nature that is necessary for survival has taken over the globe and a scarcity appears to have evolved due to this approach. The World People's Conference on Climate Change summed up the situation: " Under capitalism, Mother Earth is converted into a source of raw materials, and human beings into consumers and a means of production, into people that are seen as valuable only for what they own, and not for what they are."

A new world view must arise that takes the best of the traditional binary ways of thinking and meld them together into a new, cohesive system that maximizes resources and eliminates waste. Purpose must be behind this new world view as it appears there is no real one being discussed today. Baumgartner & Ebner (2010) describes this approach as visionary. They explained that visionary strategies have a place in certain models are rooted in holistic thought and question the motivation and orientation of each firm and its commitment to sustainability (p.85).

A career in non-profit management attempts to help avoid contributing to the sustainability issues that are inherent in a capitalistic world view and aims to erase some of the damage that is currently being done and that has been done in the past. I welcome these problems as sustainability issues have given me the opportunity to express myself within a career that rewards in ways that more traditional ways cannot.

Risk analysis in choosing this career suggests that I may be losing out on material gain by not attacking sustainability issues in the more traditional or suggested way. This is risk is minimal. I do not believe I should not be paid or rewarded for my work, rather I am suggesting that a balancing force must be included in today's society in order for us to reverse much of the damage that is being done to the environment and the depletion of natural resources.

Since the essence of sustainability and capitalism are at odds with each other, it appears to be a good assumption that these types of problems will subsist well into the future. Capitalism depends on things being unsustainable; new cars are marketed every year and disposal items are still rampant in the environment despite some gains in this area. Clothing fashions urge people to buy new clothes and disregard there still-serviceable yet socially unacceptable items contributing to the habit of unsustainable action. This two-edge sword however also lets us receive rewards for work and gives people something to reach for and attain to. As long as this ironic and often self-defeating idea of consumption and all its negative and positive aspects, there will be a need for neutral parties to help clean up the mess and provide services and help to those left behind in this type of society.

The non-profit, philanthropic career will be alive and well for many years to come and this area of work needs good people, just like myself to help contribute to the many problems of sustainability. Organizational change is slow to come and outreach is needed in the mean time. I appreciate the state of the world, despite this sustainability problem as it gives me something to dedicate my time and efforts towards in hopes of making a significant difference in the way we live our lives in the future.

3. My Response

In order to carry out my strategy is important that I consider some important factors before implementing it. Everywhere… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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