Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon Term Paper

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It is a Government owned national standard intended to encourage continuous improvement in sustainable home building. It has a rating scale of one to six stars (Code Level 6 is the government target for 2016) and contains some mandatory levels in key areas like energy and water.BRE Global act as advisors on issues related to maintenance and development of the technical contents of the CSH standard and manage implementation of the scheme under contract to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG)." (BREEAM, 2012) The report states that the Code for Sustainable Homes is much like BREEAM "in that the Green Guide to Specification is the mechanism Code Assessors use to measure the environmental impact of specifications for key building elements. Manufacturers choose to obtain a Certified Environmental Profile as a way of demonstrating their environmental performance and to obtain specific Green Guide ratings to be used within the Code." (BREEAM, 2012)

Best practices therefore can be concluded to be inclusive of the use of suitable materials that meet specifications and codes set out for sustainable structures. As well best practices include the elements listed in the following illustration published by Constructing Excellence in the South East in its "Guide to Bet Practice in Construction."

Source: Constructing Excellence in the South East (2012)

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Sustainable construction is reported to address in a cohesive manner the "triple bottom line" or that of the "social, economic, and environmental performance of the industry including the following action areas:

(1) Being more profitable and competitive. It is recognized that businesses need higher profits to intelligently invest in its people, products, and processes to improve their competitiveness; (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012)

(2) Delivering buildings and structures that provide greater satisfaction, well-being and added value to customers and users; (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012)

Term Paper on Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon Assignment

(3) Respecting and fairly treating employees and the wider community. This includes improving health and safety, enhancing site and welfare conditions, and avoiding noise and dirt, which would inconvenience local residents; (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012)

(4) Enhancing and protecting the natural environment, including protecting habitats, trees, waterways and other natural features; (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012)

(5) Minimizing consumption of natural resources and energy during the construction phase and throughout the life of the facility. The buildings should be energy efficient and utilize energy from renewable resources by specifying recycled materials and renewable energy sources and considering the buildings' future use; (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012) and (6) Reducing waste and avoiding pollution during the construction process. 70% of landfill is reportedly generated through construction activity. (Construction Excellence in the Southeast, 2012)

Summary and Conclusion

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