Essay: Sustainable Engineering Practice a Review

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Sustainable Engineering Practice

A Review of Three News Articles

Gies, Erica. "Solar Waste Recycling: Can the industry stay green?" 9 Aug 2010 Web

Several decades have passed and the use of Solar Technology has increased and changed over time. While it is certainly a green and sustainable resource, there are several components of the technology that reach End of Life (EOL) or otherwise have to be replaced. IN order to follow the initial paradigm of the technology, these "waste" components need to be These outgoing parts need to be reused or recycled in order for Solar energy to remain wholly in the green zone. Traditionally technology has been difficult to reuse, so recycling has usually be the course. Old computers can sometimes be reused to emerging countries, but more than likely the toxic components need to be safely deconstructed and recycled. The same is true of Solar technology and several new companies have sprung up to take advantage of this market.

Solar modules contain some of the same potentially dangerous materials as electronics, including silicon tetrachloride, cadmium, selenium and sulfur hexafluoride, a potent greenhouse gas. So as solar moves from the fringe to the mainstream, insiders and watchdog groups are beginning to talk about producer responsibility and recycling in an attempt to sidestep the pitfalls of electronic waste and retain the industry's green credibility. (Geis)

The Solar panels have an approximate 20-year lifespan, and the non-profit group, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, is attempting to enlist entrepreneurial startups to get their businesses in place now before too many "dead panels pile up." Solar energy use is predicted to rise fifty percent every year creating an eventual exponential recycling problem. However, enough solar energy strikes the earth in one hour to meet the entire populations energy need for one year. Currently we are capturing only the smallest fraction of a percentage and given the need for more energy without environmental catastrophes, sustainability of this resource is a must.

Rozgus, Amara and Rhonda McGee. "The 2010 National Engineering Survey --The Roles of Engineers are Changing; But Some Things Never Change." Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE). 9 Aug 2010 Web
This article is a summary of the key findings of the 2010 National Engineering Survey that was conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE). IN the past these surveys usually reflected the costs of projects as compared to the overall budget and the constraints under which engineers usually work. Sufficient Capital was generally the highest priority for most engineers to insure that their designs could be adequately carried out. This 2010 surveys shows that there has been a shift in the culture of engineers in general. Of the four categories survey, Energy… [END OF PREVIEW]

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