Sustainable Engineering Practice Role of Engineers (Computer Term Paper

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Sustainable Engineering Practice

Role of Engineers (computer systems engineering) in the manufacturing industry

The discipline of engineering has been considered to involve a process that requires creativity and is meant for the synthesis and implementation of the knowledge acquired by humanity. This means that the major task that engineers have is that of serving the community by improving their welfare, safety, and health giving the environment due consideration. This responsibility remains for all engineers regardless of the industry in which they work. Thus, engineers must always have the community in mind when developing and applying the science of engineering up to the management level (Code of Ethics 2000).

Generally, the profession of computer systems engineering tries to match the current technology with the needs of a specific industry and to achieve this computer systems engineers evaluate and install software, hardware, and a variety of support equipment which together form a functional network that has the capability of supporting a number of operations within that industry (Tatum 2003). The major target of such an engineer is matching the products of the industry to the clients' needs.

Roles of Computer Systems Engineers and the key characteristics

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The manufacturing industry ha several needs with regard to the products involved ranging from the production processes to the distribution processes. For instance, a company may have the need of having a more robust computer system for tracking their sales and a computer systems engineer will address such a need. A part from just addressing such an issue the computer systems engineer may go further to convince the company that including some add-ons to the system will bring an improvement on how the billing process and the sales department relate (Tatum 2003). This shows that for a computer systems engineer to be considered competent he must be able to address the needs that the industry has currently and also find out how to make the system more valuable to the company not only now but also in the future.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Sustainable Engineering Practice Role of Engineers (Computer Assignment

There are cases when a company may require carrying out an installation of a new system, or even upgrading a system that already exists, in such a case the computer systems engineer has the duty of formulating ways of accomplishing the task more easily. Such efforts will result into the smooth flow of information within the company and generally lead to the enhancement of the company's internal operations and further build the anticipation for other needs that come with the growth of the company thus necessitating expansion of the system. It is vital that the computer systems engineer be in a position of taking the complete profile of the current and anticipated needs of the company and create a network structure that will last. Computer systems engineers also undertake the planning and implementation of the system verification program, this works towards ensuring that the design and building of the system meets the requirements that have been specified. There are instances when the system engineers may be required to write the system test plans and procedures in details. In the process of implementing the verification program a number of questions are usually raised with regard to what was supposed to happen in a particular case and it is the responsibility of the computer systems engineers to answer such questions. They must answer such questions in real time giving as much details as possible which will make it possible to predict such behaviors beforehand (Tatum 2003). Additionally, computer systems engineers should be in a position to respond to any anomaly that arises with the most perfect understanding they have on the system and be able to determine when other experts are required and which experts are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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