SWOT Analysis Healthcare Administrator SWOT

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Wilberforce National Hospital Profile

The need of coming up with a marketing strategy for any firm is to ensure that the firms capabilities are tailored to match those found within the highly competitive market environment in which it does business. The process of developing the strategy is in order to ensure that both the current and the future needs of the firm are taken care of appropriately. The strategy should be formulated in a way that allows for the critical profiling of all the resources that the firm possess. This process is normally referred to as the evaluation of the firm's strengths and weaknesses as well as the operating environment parameters that influences its efficiency of operation ( Hooley, Saunders and Piercy, 2004).As the CEO of the Hospital I present the various organizational dynamic necessary to effective run, manage and market this health care facility

In this paper, I make utmost reference to the various academic literature as well as the Wilberforce National Hospital in order to come up with a proper evaluation of the various mechanisms that are available to the be utilized by the management in order to assess the following:

The profile of the resources available in the firm

The marketing environment which the firm faces

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SWOT on SWOT Analysis Healthcare Administrator Assignment

The WNH was started on 6th May 2008 in order to provide various healthcare services to citizens of all walks of life. The basis of the service provision is classified as on need and does not depend on the ability of the patient to pay for the health services. Earlier on the hospital provided services to patient on condition that they afford to settle their bills. Apart from paying for services, the hospital in conjunction with other charitable organization could provide treatment to various patients on goodwill as a result of sponsorship funding and donations. This latter form of service proved to be over strenuous to the hospital's resources. At the moment however the hospital has been able to come up with various forms of trust funds in order to facilitate the efficient health care services. These trusts do report directly to the department of health and it consists of various community-based trusts, Hospital trusts and Ambulance Trusts. The health care is provided to all people who are in need of it. The WNH is operated according to government provided priorities. These include the following conditions and persons:

Cancer patients

Mental Health

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Older Persons

Renal services

Children's services


Coronary Heart Disease

Long-Term Conditions

The hospital services were launched in a high profile fashion that featured in various newspapers and national television channels such as CNN. Within the last few years after the launch of WNH there have been numerous changes that have occurred in its framework of operations. This is order to come up with the best health care experience for the various patients. Despite the positive news that has always been aired on various news channels regarding WNH, there has been a tirade of negative news that has been directed towards the hospital. The hospital usually provides a long list of services to its patients. This has however not satisfied the view point of the media and a portion of the public. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the hospital engages a perfect marketing strategy so as to help in improving the public perception of its services. There is therefore an urgent need to come up with a viable strategy that is based on the outcome of a comprehensive SWOT analysis.

The WHN resource profile.

In order to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy, it is fundamental to formulate a thorough and in-depth assessment of the resources that are available to the WNH. The resources are to be appropriately profiled (in terms of all the strengths and weaknesses) as well as the prevailing environment in which the hospital is to operate (Hooley, Saunders and Piercy,2004). It is worth noting out in this case the marketing approach that is termed as the resource-based view (RBV) is to be adopted. This approach was popular come time in the nineties and involved an inside-out approach to marketing (Grant,1991). We apply its latest approach which scrutinizes the organization extensively in order to assess it main competencies as well as to be able to identify the main competencies that must be employed in order to bring along competitive advantage to the firm. In my process of transforming the hospital into the best in the nation, I categorically avoid employing the various neo-classical approaches organizing the marketing strategy for the hospital. It is crucial that as I make my decisions to enhance the services in the hospital facility, I concentrate on the fact that the health care environment is continuously changing and therefore it would be very tricky to conform to the continuous change which occurs with it.

It is therefore crucial for that I institute a marketing strategy that is based on the best known techniques after a thorough evaluation of the entire core offerings at the facility. In order to achieve this, I plan to employ a value chain approach as postulated by Michael Porter ().This is in line with the works of Jonson and Scholes who advocated for the need to ensure that one understands the internal organizational factors as a way of aiding in adding value and creating a more profound impact on the working of the organization. Is also important for me to ensure that I fully comprehend all the external parameters that affect the image and profitability of the hospital. In the value chain dynamics I would institute stringent and closely guided steps that would ensure that I achieve good inbound and outbound logistics as well as other important factors such as the operations in the facility, marketing plans as well as the sales and customer service departments. In order to fully access the entire resource profile of the organization, it is crucial that all the WNH's resources are taken into consideration as well as other factors such as the facility's infrastructure, technology, procurement as well as the human resource management aspect.

A brief description of my title, role and job description as the CEO of the Wilberforce National Hospital

My name is Dr. James E.Andersons and I am a qualified and registered doctor. I devote my time as a full time C.E.O at the Wilberforce National Hospital. Prior to my posting as the C.E.O at the hospital, I worked as an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where I was the Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. I also hold an M.B.A from Harvard University.

I attended the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and finished my internal medicine as well as cardiology training at the Harvard Medical School. My research interests as well as prior publications included the assessment risk factors responsible for the progression of atherosclerosis which included vascular, platelet as well as psychological factors. I later specialized in my MBA and management training which equipped me with the knowledge necessary fro me to carry out my current roles as the C.E.O.

The strength and weaknesses for fulfilling this position

My role as the C.E.O of the firm includes the several challenges. My major challenge lies in the fact that I have to run a national hospital facility with a wide range of resources and staff. This means that I need to organize my plans effectively so as to achieve the best for both the hospital facility as well as the country as a whole. The strengths that comes with my role as the C.E.O is the ability to meet and organize a very; large team as well as the conviction that I am involved in the preservation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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