Term Paper: Symbolism, Advertising and Chocolate

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[. . .] What did you give your love for Valentine's Day? It may say more about you than you care to admit.

Cadbury has a chocolate Popsicle type item called a snowflake that they sell with pure sex. One does not buy chocolate, one yearns for the sexy model who slowly surrounds the phallic-shaped tube with her soft, red, lips... mmmmm. Are you thinking of chocolate? Does it make you squirm? It is supposed to. Who cares what it tastes like if it makes one feel that way? Cadbury also asks the audience,.".. how do you eat yours," referring to their creme eggs. Please. The little colored M&M men could not wait to make goo-goo eyes at the female M&M when she stepped onstage. How many consumers remember what color her shell was?

Advertisers wrap sex, love, and even patriotism in a smooth, sweet, coat of wonderful, sticky, happiness. The only thing that differentiates the product is what brand of symbolism the consumer is in the mood for.


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