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It gives support to local handicrafts and cultural activities. People undertake travel to learn about our cultural heritage and traditions. Country like India has a rich cultural past. Man made wonders like the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Havamahal, Bibi ka Makbara etc. attract a large number of tourists. Artistic stone carvings in the temples of south India, Ajanta, Ellora and the Elephanta caves are attraction centres round the year. Life style of the communities and the tribes living in the villages are also a source of attraction to the people living in the urban areas. Sometimes, people travel for religious purposes. Every religion has special places of worship.

It is a regular practice for people in India to undertake these pilgrimages. Buddhists visit Gaya, Hindu visit Varanasi, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishnodevi, Tirupathi, Rameshwaram and Pandharpur. Muslims go to Dargahs like Nizammuddin in Delhi, Ajmer Sharif etc. Christians visit Basilica of Bom lesus and Se Cathedral in Goa, San Thome Church in Madras.

Some cultural centers like Rome in Italy, London, Oxford and Bristol in UK, Paris and Loire in France attract tourists in large numbers for their cultural landscapes, art, architecture, sculpture and painting. Scotland, Finland, Holland, Portugal and Spain are an attraction for their local life style, dresses, folk dances, folklores and art. Greece attracts for its -historical significance. Sweden for its fairs, feasts and festivals.

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Middle East and Central Asian provinces are an attraction for shopping availability of dry fruits and monumental heritage in the form of mosques Muslims from all ever the world under takes pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina every year.

Africa is an attraction for its dark secrets in the forests, its deserts its wild life, particularly elephants, lions, gazelles, giraffes, and many other animals. Of extinction. The glitter of the diamonds of South Africa makes the people rush to this fabulous land

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The exchange of cultural values and ideas is the greatest positive outcome of tourism It is this that facilitates integration and understanding. Tourism helps in raising the standard of living of the local people by providing amenities related to education, sanitation, transport and communication, recreational centers, catering services, proper distribution of commodities el

However, negative impact of tourism is seen when an isolated community with its typical and unique culture is exposed to tourism. Such communities loose their unique culture under the force of tourist traffic. Social problems may also be created when lesser opportunities are available to the local people with insufficient participation in the economy. The higher paid jobs often go the urban cities. Such factors create a feeling of alienation among the local residents, which is harmful to the growth of tourism. Conflicts and civil war like conditions may virtually close down tourism in a region. Glaring' examples are Kashmir and Darjeeling in West Bengal and Garhwal in Uttar Pradesh.

In Kashmir tourism has virtually closed down. Darjeeling had suffered severely because of Gurkha movement but fortunately the Gurkhas have reconciled and tourism in Darjeeling is on the way of recovery. Garhwal awaits a similar crisis as in Darjeeling it a reasonable solution is not found immediately. In America, Florida and Miami were most popular beach resorts but lately the natives have become too aggressive and tourism has been affected adversely.

Thus the negative effect of tourism can be summarized as follows:

It results in environment stress, which is the very basic requirement for tourism development. The major attractions for the people are the hills, sea beaches, and large stretches of forestland lakes or rich green countryside. However as more and more people traverse these areas, they ruin the natural environment. Also commercial exploitation of these areas results in deterioration of original environment.

Every place has its own culture and tradition, and without any compulsion observes the unwritten rules, but tourism results in bringing people from different cultural backgrounds, which results in cultural shock. The initial impact of residence and slowly either for good or bad it results in absorption, sometimes resulting in perversion.

Increase in traffic arising due to increase in flow of traffic results iii pollution this creates problems of sewage and sanitation, water pollution, air and noise pollution.

The traditional economy undergoes a change, wild the change in traditional market and distribution system.

Farmers sell their land at key locations, where new shops and commercial centers spring up. These disturb the traditional economic practices, because they cater to the needs of the tourist and not of the local natives


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