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He is unable to really embody the sense of responsibility and masculinity he sees the gun as representing (Spack 104). How he handles himself with the gun is a clear indication that he still does not embody the masculinity he so wishes for. So thus, for the audience, the gun becomes a symbol of Dave's immaturity and inability to understand his own faults in order to rectify them in a more realistic attempt to reach an independent adult state. His continuing lies about the location of the gun solidifies that he will be unable to develop as a character, and is thus stuck in his adolescent state, therefore being the man, who was almost a man.

Overall, it is clear that Wright is using symbolism within his short story "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" to convey the notion that the main character, Dave, has not developed into the man he hopes to be. Rather than finding respect and maturity behind the barrel of a gun, he only finds a failed attempt at growth. Wright uses the symbolism of the fields, the mule, and the gun to show how Dave has stagnated and become a static character, without the hope of progressing towards a more mature sense of masculinity. As such, Dave is doomed to remain less than a man.

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Research Paper on Symbols in the Man Who Assignment

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