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Popular Diets

In contemporary society, one of the most visible issues facing Americans, and indeed, most of the developed world, is obesity and the link between diet and health. Medical doctors, scholars, researchers are all in agreement that there is a complete link between what we eat and drink, and the consequences to our overall health. One need only look in the newspaper, magazines, grocery store aisles, or pop-up ads to see thousands of ads for diet pills, diet aids, etc. -- one need only look at the increasing demographic of vitamin and supplement stores and offerings to see that American's are rabid for something to bring quick results and better health (Fumento, 1998). Are there negatives to healthful eating? Certainly none that are medical -- but, in our society of fast food, it is more expensive to eat right, fresh vegetables, hormone free meat, low sugar beverages all are a bit more expensive that the high-carbohydrate, fast foods so popular (Robbins, 1998).

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Eating right involves two things: a balanced approach to nutrition and the proper mindset to utilize the proper foods in the proper amount. The balanced approach to nutrition does not require depriving oneself of everything one likes -- it simply indicates that we eat in moderation, and, when possible, try to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, limit processed foods and sugars, eat whole foods, limit alcohol, and most especially limit sugary drinks and candies with only processed empty calories and very little nutritional value. For example, on a given day Americans drink 12 gallons of soft drinks per week, totaling vast amounts of sugar -- is this healthful? (Valentine, 2002). Many even call this America's "other drinking problem," and enough soft drinks are produced for every person in the United States to have 52 gallons per year. ("Strong Evidence Links Soft Drink Consumption to Obesity."

TOPIC: Creative Writing on Synopsis of Major Diets to Lose Weight Assignment

Second, humans need a balance between protein, fats and carbohydrates. There are many "quick fix" diets that promise rapid weight loss by eating all grapefruit, no carbohydrates, all carbohydrates, etc. The truth of the matter is that a balanced, limited portion menu, with limited amounts of alcohol is the most nutritious and healthful way of eating. Fats are necessary in the human body to lubricate cells, improve blood health, ease inflammation, and stabilize the heart. Carbohydrates help cell metabolism, provide numerous trace minerals and vitamins, and are essential for proper blood chemistry. Proteins are necessary to fuel amino acids and are essential for bone growth, neurological health, and to fuel the body. In addition, there are hundreds of minerals, vitamins, and substances that at smaller levels, contribute to the overall health of the body ("The Nutrition Source").

For most Americans, the perception of nutrition is a diet. In fact, most Americans do believe they are overweight, and almost 67% of Americans are on a diet 2-3 times per year. 62% of adults and 34% of children are overweight or obese, and yet, if any of the diets worked, why would people continually need to be on them? Instead, Americans are placed with diet after diet, quick fix after quick fix, all for naught. Instead, a change in behavior patterns and a balance… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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