Synoptic Problem: The Gospel Essay

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In the gospel of Mark, we see how the words that Jesus said on the cross are recorded in Aramaic and the difference is seen in Matthew where the words are recorded in Hebrew though the meaning still remains. The other synoptic problem is seen when a name is added or removed for example how Matthew is referred to as Levi in both Mark and Luke.

For one to able to understand the relationship and the flow in the Synoptic gospel, one of the things that should be taken into account is that if the gospel of Mark was placed before Matthew and Luke, it could have been difficult to understand it because of the grammatical, historical and geographical errors seen in it. This has helped Matthew and Luke to rectify the mistake. The material used in Matthew and Luke is a unique on in the sense that if Mark was after Matthew, then Luke would rearrange the materials used in Matthew and not Mark.

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One of the solutions to the synoptic problem is through the Markan priority in which many people considered Matthew as the first and oldest Gospel and Mark as a shorter and later version of similar message (Just par, 3). However, since mid-19th Century, many scholars are increasingly becoming convinced that Mark is not only the first but also the oldest Gospel. Moreover, many scholars who believe that Mark was historically the oldest Gospel propose that the order of the first four books in the New Testament should be changed. In support of this proposal, these scholars argue that there is no reason for refusal to maintain traditional order in printed Bibles. Consequently, some academic works, textbooks, and scholars treat Mark as the oldest and first Gospel followed by Matthew and Luke while John remains the last. This is regardless of various explanations that have been raised to contradict this solution.

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